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The Bad Boy of Beach Volleyball

Anybody who’s followed beach volleyball since the mid-1970s likely knows Steve Obradovich as an iconic figure of beach volleyball – especially those from California – since he became notorious for taunting referees and using an incredible leap to spike balls at unpredictable angles.

He won nine open titles before having his name immortalized on Manhattan Beach Pier – yet is departing without regrets.

Early Life and Education

Steve Obradovich is many things: an iconic figure in volleyball history, coach of football and volleyball at Canyon Lake High School, father to nine children – not forgetting one of its most entertaining players; whether laughing out loud at passive aggressive Instagram comments or staring down opponents under the net; there is never a dull moment with him around!

As soon as he graduated from ECC, Obradovich joined the Coast Guard with hopes of seeing some of the world. Unfortunately, his job on a buoy tender necessitated spending long stretches at sea; upon his return home he discovered beach volleyball; eventually going on to win 11 open titles, including Manhattan Beach tournament.

Professional Career

No one who has attended a beach volleyball tournament since the mid ’70s would fail to recognize Steve Obradovich, an iconic beach boy characterized by his wavy blonde locks and striking blue eyes.

Obradovich holds 11 open titles, including the Manhattan Beach Open in 1976. Previously he earned both football and volleyball scholarships to ECC before enrolling at USC to be recognized with an open title in both sports – becoming the first player ever in school history to do so!

Chris Marlowe refused to budge under pressure from Pier One. As an NBC TV commentator for Manhattan Beach Open tennis tournaments, Chris didn’t want to leave his umbrella-protected sand and join former champions such as Sinjin Smith, Randy Stoklos, Tim Hovland, Mike Dodd and Jim Menges – among many more – in joining their legendary match prior to Saturday’s men’s and women’s final.

Achievement and Honors

Obradovich stands out in beach volleyball history as one of its most colorful characters, having won the inaugural AVP tour championships in 1976 and 11 open beach championships, nine from parks and recreation circuit. He remains the only player in history to have ever won at least once of “Wimbledon of beach volleyball”, Manhattan Beach Open tournament. Additionally, Obradovich played football while helping USC earn national volleyball title concurrently that year (1976). Upon graduating he owned Julie’s restaurant in Los Angeles along with wife Julie; planing to welcome their first child this autumn; as co-owner he will compete first two nights of Great Western Team Cup tournament starting Thursday at Forum with himself playing as team members playing his team as opponents.

Personal Life

Steve Obradovich stands out among many players by having participated in professional beach volleyball, football, and basketball at once – as part of USC’s first national volleyball championship team in 1976 and starting for their Rose Bowl-winning football squad that same year. Additionally, O.B. was known to his friends for always being entertaining when on court or making social media comments; you never knew when he might pull an “O.B.” move on an opponent!

That attitude extends into his real-world business of life as well, which includes managing his restaurant in Los Angeles and expecting his first child later this year. But neither have dimmed his enthusiasm for participating in this week’s Great Western Team Cup at the Forum; his first since a romantic trip to Hawaii last April!

Net Worth

After retiring from football he went on to broadcast for the Chicago Bears as well as Side Out and Mike Douglas Show. Since then he has become a mining executive, serving on both Barkerville Gold Mines Ltd and Dalradian Resources Inc’s boards of directors as a director. With 35 years of experience in mining exploration and development – having graduated from Haileybury School of Mines’ mining technology program as well as advanced field geophysics – he is now focused on mining operations management.

Cable television commentator Chris Marlowe still considers Obradovich one of the great ref baiters; Obradovich dismisses such criticism with a smile; he knows who he is already!

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