Steve Powel

Steve Powel – Proven Real Estate Executive

Steve Powel is an accomplished real estate executive with more than 38 years of experience. He has helped SitusAMC become one of the premier providers for real estate finance solutions.

Police searched the Powell home in search of clues to Susan’s disappearance, only to discover thousands of voyeuristic photos instead. Police charged Steven Powell with voyeurism for taking these images of young neighbor girls ages 8 and 9. Steven Powell was eventually charged and later served time in prison before succumbing to heart disease at age 68.

Early Life and Education

Powell was raised in New York City as the son of Jamaican immigrants. As first in his class to graduate high school, and then City College where he discovered his military calling.

He completed two tours of duty in Vietnam and earned numerous awards and honors; on his second trip he was assigned to investigate the My Lai Massacre.

Powell and his wife established America’s Promise Alliance, a non-profit that seeks to provide opportunities for children and youth of all socioeconomic levels. Both he and his wife have become active participants in national political issues; Powell’s organizational expertise and pragmatic outlook make him a sought-after government adviser; he currently sits on several boards and committees – such as that of Electric Power Research Institute’s Advisory Board – providing opportunities to those less privileged than themselves.

Professional Career

Steve Powell was instrumental in steering SitusAMC through its multiple mergers and acquisitions as one of its founding members, providing strategic direction that drove operational improvements while building a solid foundation for sustainable future. Additionally, he held various roles related to strategy development, resource planning and gas and power procurement.

As part of his response to the investigation into his daughter-in-law’s disappearance, Steven Powell quickly defended Josh. But investigative reporter Dave Cawley of Cold Podcast discovered journals in which Powell expressed fear that Josh might be involved with murdering his ex-partner.

He brings over three decades of experience to SitusAMC and spearheads innovative technology solutions that enable it to expand their CRE assets under management.

Achievement and Honors

Powell comes from a long line of public servants – his father served on the Joint Chiefs of Staff during World War II as a congressman while his mother was an educator and activist in the civil rights movement.

Powell spent many years in the military. Beginning as a battalion commander in Korea and later attending the National War College for training. Under President Carter he assisted Frank Carlucci as assistant deputy secretary of defense before eventually rising through the ranks to become major general and leading an entire division.

Powell told county officials that he relied heavily on his second “staff” to monitor him and inform him when he made mistakes, such as not signing documents on time. He stressed the importance of creating trust while remaining flexible to failure as leaders.

Personal Life

Powell excelled as both an amateur musician and singer in his personal life, serving two years on mission trips for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints before switching careers and becoming a real estate agent and Salesperson.

After Susan Powell went missing, police conducted a search at his Puyallup home and discovered journals containing what he called embarrassing material, according to KSL. But instead they discovered evidence of voyeurism.

Investigators discovered thousands of photos depicting children, including Powell’s neighbors’ children. Many were photographed through windows in various stages of undress. Powell was eventually charged with child pornography in 2015 and sentenced to prison; after serving three years he was released, only to die of a heart attack in 2018.

Net Worth

Laurene Powell Jobs inherited her late husband Steve Jobs’ shares in Apple and Disney at his death; these were worth an estimated value of over $8 billion with annual cash dividends totalling approximately $120 million.

She holds shares in Apple and Disney, as well as 20 percent stakes in Monumental Sports, the company that owns the Washington Wizards, Capitals and Capitol One Arena. Furthermore, she founded The Emerson Collective as a social change organization named after Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Powell Jobs remains low-profile despite her wealth, living quietly in Silicon Valley and spending her free time beekeeping or relaxing aboard her $110 million yacht. Additionally, she often hosts elaborate Halloween shows at her home.

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