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Jack Stephen Pursley, Also Known As Steve Pursley, Was Convicted in September 2019

Steve Pursley specializes in business litigation and is licensed to practice in Texas. Additionally, he volunteers his services at several public service organizations.

He currently resides in a low-security level facility and poses minimal risk of recidivism, having established strong family ties and having secured work to return to once released from incarceration.

Early Life and Education

Pursley worked in restaurants as a young man while dreaming of becoming a lawyer. After graduating with a political science degree from Missouri-St. Louis, Pursley travelled to Japan where he studied cooking and learned how to make ramen. There, he opened Menya Rui, which combined both Japanese terms for “noodle shop” and his given name into one restaurant name.

Pursley was in the middle of opening his new ramen shop in south St. Louis when COVID-19 struck. While hoping to keep operating despite the pandemic, Pursley was fearful about its effect on both his business and health. Luckily he had private medical insurance as well as access to an experienced criminal defense attorney for support during this difficult time.

Professional Career

Pursley had originally planned on attending law school after graduating with a political science degree from the University of Missouri-St. Louis in 2013. But after hitting an internal crossroads he decided to change paths; moving instead to Japan and working various noodle shops as a means of mastering this art.

Prosecutors allege that Pursley and his co-conspirator devised a scheme to transfer $18 million back from Isle of Man into the US for personal investments and purchasing real estate in Colorado and Houston.

The government’s formal objection to his early release includes criticisms of Judge Hughes’ light sentencing and that Pursley did not inform the court he was receiving COVID-19 vaccination jabs. Furthermore, it contends that Pursley may face significant fines and restitution payments if found guilty of tax crimes.

Achievement and Honors

Pursley is an experienced program builder who has left a positive mark on every team he has led. Under his supervision, his swimmers have set seven world records, 12 American records and won 20 national championship titles during his tenure. Furthermore, Pursley served as both head coach for Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) as well as initial director for USA National Team.

In his second year at Alabama, he led both men’s and women’s teams to back-to-back NCAA top-10 finishes while setting 21 school records. He is widely credited with turning around Alabama basketball’s fortunes dramatically in 2014.

Presently, Mr. Pursley is serving his sentence in a state prison despite COVID-19 restrictions, yet continues to contribute positively to society by participating in various church activities and counseling fellow inmates.

Personal Life

Jack Stephen Pursley, also known as Steve Pursley, was found guilty in September 2019 of conspiring to evade tax assessments and payments. At trial, it was established that during 2009 and 2010, Pursley assisted one of his clients’ schemes to repatriate over $18 Million untaxed income back into their country of origin by creating and executing a scheme which disguised these funds’ movements by disguising them as stock purchases within United States corporations owned by his client.

Mr. Pursley surrendered during the peak of COVID-19’s pandemic and has had no disciplinary incidents while in prison. Currently housed in a low security level facility, upon release he poses no risk to society; instead he has an exceptional family unit ready to support him as well as employment prospects awaiting him on release from incarceration.

Net Worth

Jack Stephen Pursley, also known as Steve Pursley, a Houston lawyer was recently charged with conspiracy to defraud the United States and three counts of tax evasion related to an offshore tax evasion scheme he created through his firm Pursley Law specializing in business litigation.

Pursley and Mooney ran a company providing personnel services to offshore oil drilling operations. According to allegations, they transferred $18 million from US accounts into accounts on the Isle of Man before returning it and using proceeds from this scheme to purchase homes in Houston and Vail Colorado.

He currently resides in Lutherville Timonium, Maryland and works at Royal Alliance Associates Inc. He holds both Series 63 and 65 licenses.

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