Steve Redmond

Steve Redmond – The Strongest Man Anyone Will Ever Meet

Redmond made his first-team debut after captaining Manchester City youth team that won 1986 FA Youth Cup and becoming its youngest captain in 1988; starting all games for three consecutive seasons during that time.

His successful swims across the Cook Strait in New Zealand, Molokai Channel and Tsugaru Channel made him an obvious candidate for WOWSA Open Water Swimming Man of the Year 2012.

Early Life and Education

As a child, Steve Redmond despised school. However, after discovering his passion for law enforcement he became a police officer and went on to graduate with an associate’s degree from Eastern Washington University with a concentration in Criminal Justice.

He later began teaching and ultimately secured a principal post at Baden High School in South San Francisco. Additionally, he held leadership roles at Alta Loma Middle School and Lafayette Elementary School both located in Oakland.

His private contentment at Aughavanagh perfectly suited his temperament; he enjoyed living the country squire lifestyle and hunting game, but eventually lost touch with Irish sentiment, becoming an outspoken advocate of British union. However, in 1909 he made several concessions and finally agreed that individual Ulster counties could opt out of home rule.

Professional Career

Steve served the city of Seattle for 30 years as a police officer, beginning on foot beat and moving onto patrol (with first partner Jack Lone). Over time he worked traffic cars and DUI squad, before finding true fulfillment with motorcycle unit work.

He was also an accomplished marathon swimmer, on the brink of becoming the first person ever to complete the Oceans Seven challenge. His determined swims on some of the world’s toughest channels inspired his community and stirred an entire nation.

Steve was an incredible advocate for first responders suffering from posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). He founded Code 4 NW to assist them in finding healing. Steve leaves behind Deanna and their two incredible sons Lucas and Aiden along with their families – truly the best husband, father and son anyone could ask for!

Achievement and Honors

Redmond is an esteemed open water swimmer and marathon swim mentor. In 2012, he made history by becoming the first person ever to successfully complete the Oceans Seven challenge – swimming across the English Channel, Strait of Gibraltar, Cook Strait in New Zealand, Molokai Channel in Hawaii, and Tsugaru Channel in Japan – all within 7 months! His relentless persistence on some of the most difficult channels inspired countless individuals and even inspired a nation.

He served as a district licensed pastor of the Church of the Nazarene in both Northern California NYI District and Southwest Regional Sunday School and Discipleship Ministries California Nevada Arizona Navajo Hawaii districts. Lucas and Aiden, his two sons are proud members of their El Cajon home family.

Personal Life

Redmond is also an outspoken champion for first responders suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). He founded Code 4 NW to assist those affected by this issue.

Over his two-decade-long career, he has amassed 287 appearances at Manchester City while scoring seven goals. Following transfer to Oldham Athletic in 1992 and serving under Andy Preece as caretaker manager, he stayed there until his release in 2001.

After playing for five seasons at Bury, Redmond moved on to Leigh RMI of the Football Conference before making history by becoming the first person ever to swim across all seven of the Ocean’s Seven. These included crossing the English Channel, Irish North Channel, Strait of Gibraltar, Catalina Channel and Cook Strait before finally ending his swim across Molokai Channel in 2012.

Net Worth

He was one of the strongest individuals anyone would meet and never let up in his fight to heal himself and his family, as well as help all first responders who struggle with posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). He founded Code 4 NW with an unwavering dedication to aid others.

Steve Redmond was born November 2nd 1967 in Liverpool, England and retired from professional soccer during 2003-04 season with Leigh RMI. His zodiac sign is Scorpio while the animal associated with his sign is Goat. From 1982-1984 he played youth soccer for Manchester City where his team won FA Youth Cup 1986. Later he transferred to Oldham Athletic where he spent six years before finally moving onto Bury where he served as caretaker manager during 1999 2000 season.

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