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Former 7th Fleet Commander Steve Shedd pleaded guilty to Bribery Charges

Shedd, former commander of the guided-missile destroyer Milius, entered a guilty plea in San Diego on Jan 26 to charges of bribery. He revealed that he and eight other Navy leaders from 7th Fleet received more than $250,000 worth of meals, entertainment, travel expenses, gifts and cash from defense contractor Leonard Glenn Francis.

Early Life and Education

Shedd Aquarium expanded their animal and plant collections with Chico, a freshwater dolphin. Additionally, in 1965, they established an animal hospital which became an innovator in treating and rehabilitating marine life.

Shedd served as Francis’ go-between, providing him with confidential information from other officers, such as port movements of Mercy and Peleliu as well as when guided-missile destroyer Milius would visit Malaysia; Shedd promised Francis that he would inform him as soon as Milius arrived in Malaysia.

Shedd and three other defendants have already entered guilty pleas; former Rear Adm. Bruce Loveless and Captains David Newland, James Dolan and David Lausman will stand trial next month. Additionally, the museum has launched its “digital conversation and advocacy campaign”, using virtual reality headsets so viewers can virtually swim with Shedd shark researcher Dr. Steve Kessel in Wild Reef exhibit’s habitat.

Professional Career

Shedd and his colleagues involved with Fat Leonard Navy were charged with bribery, conspiracy, honest services fraud and other offenses for accepting hotel rooms, meals and prostitutes from Leonard Glenn Francis (nicknamed Fat Leonard Francis), an extrovert contractor known for his weight.

Shedo testified that during their visit to Manila in fall 2008, Shedd and Francis went to a karaoke bar just prior to Shedd’s transfer from the Seventh Fleet to a base in Tennessee. Additionally, Dolan and Lausman joined Francis at Makati Shangri-La’s Presidential Suite where Francis later hosted them all for dinner.

Shedd presented several reasons that would prompt a reasonable officer to believe Debra’s allegations against Simuro, such as speaking to Benjamin Harper, Dawn Harper and Nicole Boucher who all confirmed Debra told them of abuse by Simuro.

Achievement and Honors

As well as his career in music, Shedd is active in his community. He donated both money and his time to rebuild homes after Hurricane Katrina hit Alabama and Mississippi; also helping out Sole to Souls which provides shoes and clothing to those in need.

Shedd was charged along with eight other Navy members – former Rear Adm. Bruce Loveless, Captains David Newland, James Dolan and David Lausman among them – of conspiring to trade military secrets for money or gifts. Prior to going on trial he pleaded guilty to bribery charges;

Shedd held various duties within 7th Fleet’s South Asia policy and planning officer from 2006-2008, such as identifying ports Navy ships would visit. Later he served as executive officer and commander of USS Milius between 2011-14. He will face sentencing sometime between now and 2022.

Personal Life

Shedd served as 7th Fleet’s South Asia Policy and Planning Officer from 2006 to 2008, which involved identifying ports Navy ships would visit. From 2011-2014 he also served as Executive Officer and Commander of USS Milius.

Wednesday in federal court he admitted to participating with eight other indicted Navy officers and defense contractors in accepting lavish meals, hotel stays and prostitutes from Leonard Glenn Francis as payment in exchange for military secrets.

Shedd was among those who would regularly provide Francis with classified information, including schedules of ship movements. On one occasion he requested assistance from another Navy officer in getting Francis the information he required – something Shedd claims he accomplished 8 hours later. Additionally, Shedd informed Francis of upcoming port calls by Mercy and Peleliu.

Net Worth

Shedd is best remembered for establishing a marine fish hatchery in Carlsbad and helping establish a research foundation, both of which he supported through donations of time, talent and money. Additionally, he assisted various projects including using old oil platform rigs as marine habitats as well as selling Shedd-designed camp shirts and fishing shorts to increase sales.

In 2017, Shedd was charged alongside eight other Navy officials with accepting gifts and bribes from Leonard Glenn Francis of Singapore-based defense contractor Fat Leonard’s ship-husbanding firm that provided security, food, fuel, water, waste disposal services for US Navy ships in the Pacific Ocean region. As per Justice Department allegations, his job allegedly was to identify which ports Fat Leonard’s firm would visit as well as providing classified updates about movements of several warships to him.

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