Steve Sorrell

Who is Steve Sorrell?

Steve has advised numerous international organisations (e.g. European Commission, UNIDO and WEC), UK government departments including Environment Agency & Sustainable Development Commission as well as private sector organisations and non-government NGOs.

Steven Sorrell joined GTM Architects in February 2022 and specializes in commercial interior design for restaurants, retail, health & fitness facilities, beauty centers, office spaces and specialty spaces such as breweries. With 19 years of industry experience under his belt.

Early Life and Education

Dorla Sorrell was born in Scott City, Kansas near Colorado’s border and later settled in Miamisburg where she met Bill Sorrell whom she would marry later that same year. They officially tied the knot on September 13, 1948.

Sorrell’s research specializes in global policy analysis and assessment. His work has been featured in both technical and popular press, while he has served as consultant to European institutions, UK government departments, the Environment Agency & Sustainable Development Commission as well as private sector organisations and non-government organisations (NGOs).

At his time at the law firm, he attained associate positions within both its national and international practice groups. Today he serves as director for both Dallas Foundation and Hockaday School trusteeship boards; additionally he sits on College Track Advisory Boards.

Professional Career

Steven Sorrell is an award-winning business executive with extensive experience leading businesses and organizations. He has led several acquisitions of advertising-related businesses, becoming one of the UK’s highest-paid executives.

Steve brings with him extensive expertise in both construction management and development. From welding to automotive mechanics to real estate development, his areas of specialization range from welding to automotive mechanics and real estate development. Steve takes pleasure in learning new skills and is driven by an appetite for growth which he applies to his clients.

He is an internationally-recognized mineral artist, having created his signature style of painting minerals using watercolour, gouache, water-mixable oils, coloured pencils or with black, white or grey backgrounds. His passion for minerals extends far beyond just illustration – as close examination of specimens deepens his overall knowledge and informs his work.

Achievement and Honors

In 2005, Sorrell sold PS9m of WPP shares at the conclusion of his restricted stock holding period, decreasing his stake to 5% of WPP and altering an employee contract that required him to receive an exorbitant payout in case of his termination from employment.

Sorrell first started painting minerals after attending several adult education classes and learning techniques using watercolour, gouache, colored pencils or water-mixable oils. Now specializing in creating realistic images of mineral specimens on black, white or grey backgrounds.

Sorrell has earned widespread acclaim as President of Paul Quinn College for his ability to reimagine higher education in America, garnering numerous awards and honors, such as being recognized by Education Dive as its Higher Education President of the Year.

Personal Life

Steve Sorrell had lived his entire life in Elizabethton and graduated in 1962 from Elizabethton High School. Throughout this time he enjoyed restoring cars, attending car shows and following NASCAR racing – as well as becoming a lifelong member of the National Street Rod Association. Steve leaves behind his devoted wife Patsy Grindstaff Sorrell who will always cherish his memory.

He can often be found painting minerals and wildlife during his free time, taking Adult Education art courses in Tasmania. He is best known for creating realistic images of minerals painted using watercolour, gouache, water-mixable oils or colored pencils on black, white or grey backgrounds.

He is the author of three books, forty peer-reviewed papers and twelve book chapters; listed on Clarivate Analytics’ Highly Cited Researchers List; has earned numerous awards and accolades such as those granted from Duke University and Penn’s Graduate School of Education Distinguished Alumni Awards;

Net Worth

Sorrell retired as CEO of WPP in 2018, yet remains a major shareholder. At the conclusion of a restricted stock holding period he sold off PS9 million worth of shares and adjusted an institution shareholder contract that had been criticised as too generous should Sorrell be terminated from employment.

Professor Sorrell is renowned for his expertise in energy and climate policy. Currently he serves as Professor of Energy Policy in the Science Policy Research Unit (SPRU) of University of Sussex as well as Co-Director for Digital Society Theme at Centre for Research into Energy Demand Solutions.

As a leader in public and academic life, he advises prominent public and academic bodies such as Advancing Black Pathways, College Track, GSV Handshake Guild. Furthermore, he serves on Duke University’s Board of Trustees and at Penn’s Graduate School of Education Graduate School.

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