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Steve South currently serves as President and General Manager of KSNW-TV in Wichita, Kansas. Prior to that he held positions as General Sales Manager of Media General’s Lansing stations WLNS and WLAJ that provide local CBS, ABC, and CW programming respectively.

Once Genesis disbanded in 1975, Steve quickly collected ideas for his debut solo album Voyage of the Acolyte which quickly became a success and set off an ongoing process of experimentation.

Early Life and Education

Steve South is an attorney by trade who now serves as Senior Advisor at Keel Point after having previously overseen Horizon Family Office Team for five years as Chief Wealth Officer. Through Blackstone U, he provides educational input as well as counseling external Chief Investment Officers on various governance and investment topics.

While studying medicine at Lovedale University College, South became involved with the University Christian Movement (UCM), where he was greatly influenced by radical priest Basil Moore and Colin Collins. Due to this involvement he was expelled for anti-apartheid activism which later resulted in SASO being established.

Since moving to Nashville, he has collaborated with various popular music artists like Carrie Underwood, David Phelps, Sheryl Crow, Shirley Caesar and Ricky Skaggs – among many others. Additionally, he orchestrated albums for Dennis DeYoung of Styx, Gary Puckett of Gary Puckett as well as Southeast Kansas Symphony.

Professional Career

Steve has an extensive career in the investment industry. For 32 years he served as Chief Investment Officer of South Dakota, overseeing equity, fixed income and derivative investments. Furthermore, Steve brings experience in philanthropy, sports broadcasting and fundraising – three areas in which his expertise lies.

He is widely revered both on and off the court, with his foundation providing young athletes with mental, physical and emotional support as they strive towards reaching their full potential. Much of his success can be attributed to nutrition, exercise and keeping to a regular sleep schedule – qualities which helped fuel him on to greater achievements than before.

He is an active board member in both Tahoe Chamber and Sierra Business Council as well as being an ambassador for Reno City Hall. Living with his wife and two adult children in Reno, he is dedicated to making Beacon “Beacon – The Career Destination”.

Achievement and Honors

Steve Hackett learned much as part of Genesis, where he gained experience with album production. Utilizing these talents he recorded his own music and released Voyage of the Acolyte (his first solo release) in 1975.

After producing several acoustic albums, Steve gradually expanded into electric music production. Guitar Noir (1993) stands as an excellent example; this album mixes both acoustic and electric elements without falling prey to more dated prog rock features from earlier albums.

Steve served as Chairperson of Watertown 4th of July celebration and is an active member of Fraternal Order of Police. He holds great devotion for his family and enjoys staying active by bow hunting, travelling and attending concerts.

Personal Life

Steve South is an NBA Hall-of-Famer who played for the Phoenix Suns. Hailing from Garden City, Kansas – South attended Santa Clara University on a basketball scholarship before entering professional basketball with them in 1984.

Hackett had some limited success during the 80s but quickly turned his focus back towards solo work. Bay of Kings became a fan favourite but his subsequent effort, Momentum, proved less accessible.

He continued touring Europe, performing his older songs accompanied by an acoustic guitar and writing new ones, eventually publishing Poetic Justice in 1996. He made an appearance as Tardicaca Camp counselor in season 14’s Crippled Summer episode as well as teaching special education students at South Park Elementary and helping raise money for Timmy Burch’s ride-share service which ultimately benefits Camp Tardicaca.

Net Worth

Steve Harvey has amassed immense wealth as an entertainer with multiple sources of income. From hosting roles on various television programs and production companies, to owning men’s clothing lines, as well as having invested and owned real estate properties he has amassed an immense fortune.

Celebrity Net Worth estimates Steve Smith as being worth an estimated $200 Million. His vast fortune includes owning an exquisite Vaucluse mansion and several investment properties; additionally he is extremely charitable, having donated generously to various charities and organizations over time – even giving some one million to Tootsie’s in Nashville! Tootsie’s won’t look this bad anymore due to him.

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