Steve Tellam

Who is Steve Tellam?

Work is hard – digging fence posts, stretching barbed wire and shoveling horse manure – as is wrestling 300-pound animals to the ground for vaccination, castration or dehorning procedures. Tellam currently has three screws and two plates installed in one knee while also busting his collarbone, ankle and numerous fingers during this endeavor.

Early Life and Education

George Tellam was born October 11, 1932 in San Diego, California to Mary Sawday Tellam and Frederick Lincoln Tellam. He attended one room Witch Creek School before enrolling at Julian Union High School where he eventually joined the United States Air Force.

He spent his time as a soldier traveling and meeting new people around the globe. In 1960 he met his future wife Yvonne; together they would remain married for over 66 years and produce six children and 15 grandchildren.

Steve Tellam, a third generation Ramona rancher, will discuss what it’s like being a cowboy today and the impacts that the decline of cattle ranching has had on land preservation in San Diego County. Additionally, two bands will perform live music while vendors selling Western attire and jewelry will also participate.

Professional Career

Tellam has amassed a century’s worth of experience living the rural California life he specializes in today. As the head of his small Ramona cattle ranch, Tellam spends nearly every day outdoors digging fence posts, stretching barbed wire fences, shoveling horse manure into piles for disposal, hauling 125-pound bales of hay for delivery and chasing testosterone-charged cows across rugged canyons on horseback.

Tellam also participates as a team penner in rodeo competitions on weekends as a fun pastime, which has netted him thousands in prize money. His knee has three screws and two plates in it; he’s broken his collarbone, ankle bone several times over as well as numerous fingers he cannot count.

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Personal Life

George Tellam was born to Frederick Lincoln Tellam and Mary Sawday Tellam in 1932 in Witch Creek, attending one-room schools for eight years before attending Julian Union High School before enlisting in the US Air Force to serve Korea before being stationed in Texas. While on leave from serving in Korea he met and later married Yvonne Lemaire whom he would go on to have three sons with and 15 grandchildren together before passing away from natural causes in 2021; their land has been in their family since England arrived over 200 years prior and they wish to preserve both its preservation as well as continue with its ranching industry.

Net Worth

His total net worth is estimated to be in the vicinity of $4 Million. He earns considerable income through YouTube and other social media channels as well as brand endorsements and sponsorships, among other sources.

Stephen Deleonardis, better known by his stage name steve willdoit is an American social media influencer and celebrity with millions of fans following him on social media platforms such as YouTube. His fans love and admire him a great deal.

Steve started his social media career by posting videos of pranks and challenges on Instagram, before creating his YouTube channel in 2019 and posting his debut video, entitled “I am taking over YouTube,” to which it received over 550,000 views – giving him enough views to earn him significant money through views. Steve is particularly fond of cars, owning an impressive collection himself; often hosting giveaways to show his appreciation to his fans; once, even giving one as a gift: A Tesla Model X!

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