Steve Tomsic

Steve Tomsic

Steve Tomsic serves as Chief Financial Officer of Fox Corporation. Prior to this role, he held the Deputy CFO position of 21CF until its spin off and establishment as an independent public company in 2019. Steve also held leadership positions within 21CF-related entities such as Europe & Asia corporate offices, European channels businesses and FOXTEL in Australia.

Early Life and Education

Bangor High School in Michigan provided him with opportunities for both baseball and football lettering, leading him to Lincoln College where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice and sociology, a post graduate diploma in finance from University of Melbourne and MBA from Melbourne Business School – among others – before joining 21CF as its Chief Investment Officer. Before this role at 21CF he worked at Boston Consulting Group, Nomura Bank and ANZ Bank before ultimately coming home to Willoughby, Ohio with three children including Paul Garrett who reside with him alongside Nolan and Adrian Tomsic Tomsic who live next door!

Professional Career

Steven Silvester Tomsic has held various finance roles at 21st Century Fox (21CF). Currently he holds the role of Chief Financial Officer within this company. He oversees all capital markets activities of the company as well as merger and acquisition transactions, treasury operations, risk management, financial planning analysis accounting and external reporting activities. As part of his 21CF affiliations, he has held several leadership roles at 21CF-related companies: such as being the Deputy Chief Financial Officer for 21st Century Fox America Inc.; Director-Corporate Finance & Planning at News Corp London; Vice President for News Corp Europe LLC, TFCF Corp, Sky Deutschland GmbH as well as being a member of Alliance Yapim Ltd’s Supervisory Board. Educated at both University of Melbourne (undergraduate and MBA degree); As of 2022 he had made $6,136,772 total compensation!

Personal Life

Steve Tomsic currently serves as Chief Financial Officer of Fox Corp and holds both a Bachelor of Commerce and Post Graduate Diploma in Finance from University of Melbourne as well as an MBA from Melbourne Business School. Prior to Fox Corp he held positions with Nomura Australia Limited and ANZ Bank; additionally he currently sits on both Alliance Yapim Ltd’s and Latvian Independent Television’s Boards of Directors.

Anna Rose Tomsic (Machen) married Frank B Tomsic on November 14th 1914 when they both were 18 in Illinois where the wedding took place. Frank was born around 1882 in Czechoslovakia (Austria-Hungary). Together they had 11 children.

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Net Worth

Steve Tomsic’s net worth has been estimated at over $9.63 Million as of 15 August 2022. As Chief Financial Officer for Fox Corp he currently earns $5524,894. Over the last four years Mr Tomsic has made six trades of FOXA stock worth $1,316,097 as part of an exercise of 39,176 units valued at over that sum.

Tomsic’s early work experience at Boston Consulting Group equipped him with the ability to tackle complex business challenges and implement groundbreaking new ideas, making him the ideal person to oversee News Corporation in Germany’s financial operations, including issuing a debt restructuring facility to help Sky Deutschland overcome operating losses and capital risks posed by German pay-TV competition. It was an accomplishment worthy of note given how demanding German pay-TV market can be.

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