Steve Travers

Steve Travers is a USC Alumnus and a Real Estate Agent

Steve Travers is a USC graduate and author of several books about the 1969 Miracle Mets that have received praise both from fans and critics.

Travers is an avid supporter of President Trump and his proposed border wall. He believes all immigrants should come legally into America; additionally, he owns 29 businesses himself.

Early Life and Education

Steve Travers was raised in a family that encouraged daily reading of one book about history, sports, politics, philosophy or novels.

He pursued his Hollywood dreams during the 90s by writing scripts for a war movie and coming-of-age story; both had circulation among Hollywood producers but none was ever produced.

During the 2008 football season, he served as a guest lecturer in Professor Dan Durbin’s class on “Sports, Culture and Society” at the University of Southern California Annenberg School for Communications – leading an interview panel of former Trojan players interviewed for his book. Additionally he made appearances and signed autographs through USC bookstores and Pasadena Memorial Coliseum bookstores and Pasadena Memorial Coliseum bookstores and Pasadena Memorial Coliseum as an active member of USC NorCal Trojan Club as well as Hollywood Congress of Republicans while worshipping at Christ Lutheran Church in Santa Monica.

Professional Career

Steve has written 15 screenplays, teleplays, and stage plays – ranging from documentaries on WWI units during the Argonne Offensive in France during WWI) to Bandit and Rock ‘n’ Roll Heaven – earning him recognition from Writers Network Screenplay & Fiction Quarterfinalist status.

Steve is a proud member of both the USC NorCal Trojan Club and Hollywood Congress of Republicans, worshipping at Christ Lutheran Church. Additionally, he led a panel of former Trojan football players and coaches as a guest speaker for Professor Dan Durbin’s course entitled Sports Culture Society at University of Southern California Annenberg School for Communication.

He serves as Program Coordinator of the Center for Integrated Professional Development and is responsible for designing and delivering professional development for faculty, teaching staff and teaching assistants in areas related to student success, retention and STEM pedagogy in online, blended and face-to-face environments.

Achievement and Honors

Travers has published books as well as 15 screenplays and teleplays, some of which include The Lost Battalion (based on true events during World War I’s Argonne Offensive), Bandit and Wicked. His work has earned numerous awards and honors.

He has served as a guest lecturer in Professor Dan Durbin’s course on Sports, Culture, and Society at USC Annenberg School for Communication. Additionally, he addressed incoming freshmen at USC and made multiple book signing appearances at both their bookstore and USC Collections.

Travers has also had experience working in environmental investigation and remediation. He has managed and overseen environmental field investigations, site assessments, risk evaluation reports as part of this fieldwork.

Personal Life

Steve Traver has dedicated himself to building his business with enthusiasm, dedication, and knowledge. As a real estate agent he takes great satisfaction in seeing his clients succeed and believes helping them find a community which best meets their needs is more essential than selling homes.

He and his wife enjoy spending time with their three children as well as their new son- and daughter-in-law and daughter-in-law, traveling and discovering all the beauty this area has to offer.

They give back to the community by taking part in fundraisers for organizations like Back Mountain Library, Kings College, Wyoming Seminary Ducks Unlimited and Red Cross – they can provide references upon request.

Net Worth

Assets refers to all the property owned by an individual as well as cash, checking/saving accounts, investments, property and liabilities such as student loan debt or credit card balances that they owe.

Traver’s Auctions has grown substantially over its two-decade existence. Today, they provide auction services nationwide as well as being major contributors to local charitable efforts such as Back Mountain Library, Kings College and Wyoming Seminary as well as Back Country Horsemen’s Association Turkey Federation and Red Cross.

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