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Steve joined People Puzzles in 2022 with the intention of using his extensive international HR and management consulting experience to accelerate the growth of companies and people who possess great potential. He particularly enjoys helping organizations through change.

As an ardent wildlife advocate, he regularly brings home orphaned squirrels, racoons and woodpeckers that need caretaking.

Early Life and Education

Steve Schuch is a folk singer-songwriter whose songs explore the natural world – whales, forests and other animals are featured heavily. His lyrics are poetic yet emotive as he describes both nature’s marvels and human emotions in his lyrics.

As well as his work at Joshua Tree, he serves as Director of Research and Policy for NIEER. His goal is to inform early education policies and practices throughout the United States and internationally.

As soon as his family moved into their new home, they couldn’t bear the thought of cutting down an oddly-shaped tree that stood on their land. Soon enough, they gave it the name Steve and it soon became part of their lives; swings hung from its branches; it even housed Uncle Chester’s hammock!

Professional Career

Steve is an internationally acclaimed professional climber who has made a name for himself traversing some of the most challenging routes around the world. As well as climbing, Steve is also known for authoring popular climbing books and representing major brands like Patagonia, La Sportiva and Zeal Optics.

John is also a small forest landowner and serves as a family forest management instructor with Washington State University cooperative extension. Additionally, he has extensive soil mapping knowledge and researches forest nutrition.

He assists organisations that are experiencing transformation and helps develop their people to bring out their best in these challenging times. With extensive international HR and management consulting experience as well as a profound knowledge of strategy, he joined People Puzzles in 2022 with the goal of using his international HR expertise and management consulting knowledge to speed up company and personnel development.

Achievement and Honors

Family soon discover that Steve is more than just any tree; he holds their underwear when the dryer breaks down, comforts them during their first crushes, and acts as the focal point of outdoor family parties. With no anthropomorphizing at play here, this story about fatherhood, families, love, and change is poignant yet inspiring.

Porcupine Tree released their fourth album, In Absentia, featuring heavier sound than previous recordings and mixed for 5.1 Surround for the first time. Steven began working on music for Blackfield as well as setting up drone/ambient/experimental label Bass Communion at this point.

This year he was honored with OSU’s Industry Partnering Honoree award from its Center for Excellence in Research and Innovation. Additionally he has received many other honors for his musical works throughout his career.

Personal Life

Steve enjoys year round outdoor activities ranging from snowmobiling and camping, as well as practicing martial arts to increase strength and flexibility. Additionally, he loves spending time with his daughter, Caroline.

Brandi, his identical twin sister, is an author, podcast host and fitness influencer. Recently she and her husband welcomed their baby boy. To mark their joyous occasion they created a nursery decor theme featuring a special tree which displays messages of support from wedding guests.

He is well known for his masterful 5.1 surround sound mixing on classic albums by King Crimson and Jethro Tull, while being actively involved with his local church and many philanthropic efforts aimed at improving lives through giving. Additionally, he is an devoted father and husband.

Net Worth

Net worth measures the value of all of your assets minus liabilities – an accurate indicator of financial health more so than income alone.

Sherry Brydson boasts an astounding net worth of an astonishing $11.9 billion ($14.4 billion USD). Her family owns Woodbridge Investment Firm, where she serves as co-chair.

Brandi Harvey, one of Sherry’s siblings, specializes in women’s fitness as an author and podcast host; she even competed as a bodybuilder before!

She is well known for her philanthropy, particularly when it comes to supporting children’s education and medical needs. To this end, her family has established numerous charitable foundations such as Baycrest Centre Foundation which raises funds for geriatric care – it holds more than $2.3 billion assets!

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