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Steve Wells Net Worth

Steve’s Pumps and Well Drilling have been providing services for residential, commercial, ag, municipal water well systems since 1990 in California and Northern Nevada.

Vince Casale, a Republican political consultant in Cooperstown, strongly advised Wells to make herself available to voters by participating in debates. One strategist strongly criticized Wells for avoiding debates. Vince said this decision “is a terrible mistake.”

Early Life and Education

Steve Jobs was born February 24th 1955 to Joanne Schieble and Abdulfattah Jandali; however, their birth parents did not approve of their relationship, so they gave him up for adoption by Paul and Clara Jobs of Palo Alto, California.

He was an intelligent and hardworking student with an unconventional streak. Beginning in his early teens, he wrote for his school newspaper and experimented with marijuana and LSD use.

Girard College taught Steve to balance work and leisure effectively. Additionally, several older Italian men taught him greenhouse growing and plant care practices. Following graduation, Steve founded Gateway Landscape Company after running his small landscaping venture for several years prior. While working there he worked closely with daylily breeder locally before meeting Dr. Richard Lighty (Uncle Dick) who introduced him to grasses.

Professional Career

Steve Wells has over three decades of upstream oil and gas experience. Beginning as a Mud Logger, his passion for engineering and cutting edge technology soon led to him moving quickly into Drilling Engineering – quickly enabling him to specialize in multilateral well construction as well as thru-tubing rotary drilling with managed pressure well design for fractured carbonates.

Steve founded Steve’s Pumps and Well Drilling with Teri-Lynn in 1990, serving residential pumps in Lassen and Plumas Counties before expanding to service all types of residential, commercial, agricultural, and municipal water well systems throughout Northern California and Nevada. Today the business employs more than 10 full time people year round while giving back meaningfully to the community.

Personal Life

Wells was an inquisitive child. His parents would frequently have to rush him to hospital due to his adventures; once when he put a metal pin into an electrical socket and burned himself severely; another time when he attempted to eat an electric drill!

He was also a talented ranting poet, performing under the names Seething Wells and Susan Williams. He championed punk rock by supporting northern England art-punk bands such as Redskins and Leeds art-punk band Mekons; as well as British bands that mixed thrash, hardcore, and heavy metal like Black Flag and Napalm Death.

Wells was also an accomplished writer, contributing articles to a wide variety of magazines and newspapers such as The Guardian, FourFourTwo, NME, 90 Minutes and Philadelphia Weekly. He had written two books so far and planned several more as an activist political writer who challenged both Republican policies as well as Bush administration practices.

Net Worth

Steves Well’s estimated net worth stands at approximately $200 Million dollars due to his career in entertainment as well as investments and business ventures he is involved with, such as Family Feud and Celebrity Family Feud.

He also owns several properties outside of acting, including this luxurious Connecticut estate that looks directly out of Baz Luhrmann’s adaptation of The Great Gatsby.

This 3,700-square-foot property boasts breathtaking city and lakefront views from every room and also features three bars, eight bedrooms, two pools, a man-made beach and a 100-foot yacht – ideal for hosting parties and events for celebrities, business executives and high net-worth families alike.

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