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Profile of Steve Whittemore

Steve Whitmore is an adept, hardworking, and enthusiastic advocate who excels at keeping clients informed throughout the litigation process. He takes immense satisfaction in keeping clients involved and engaged throughout.

Whitmore asserts that the district court erred by failing to instruct the jury that his donors’ gifts did not violate Section 441f and by permitting Roxanne Doyle’s testimony in her defense.

Early Life and Education

Stephen Whitmore was born on October 15, 1739, in Massachusetts to Francis Whitmore and Mary Whitmore and had eight siblings. On October 15th 1871 he married Pauline Elizabeth Whitmore from Michigan where they went on to have eight children between them as well as two grandchildren.

Steve worked alongside Robin Buckley at Scoops Ahoy ice cream shop. He was an invaluable friend, helping Dustin translate a secret Russian transmission which revealed there were Russians working under Starcourt Mall.

He and Diane sponsor Gifts of Music, a public/private program offering introduction to music education in West Hartford schools. He has played trombone for many years and graduated from Albertus Magnus College with a BFA concentration in Art Therapy. Together they also sponsor the Instrument Recycling Program which places orphaned instruments back into young students’ hands.

Professional Career

Whittemore worked for UNH after earning his master’s degree, serving as Woodlands Manager. His task included developing and implementing land use plans for 22 woodland properties ranging in size from several acres up to over 450.

He specialized in event management, overseeing hockey games, theater performances, dance competitions and concerts – his professional experiences allowing him to develop unique skill sets which now serve him well in his role as general manager of Tsongas Center Arena.

Prosecutors asserted that Whittemore used family members and employees of his development company, Wingfield Nevada Group, as conduits for illegal donations to Friends for Harry Reid. He denied these allegations, stating any payments made directly to family members were not meant as reimbursements for contributions made illegally.

Achievement and Honors

USC’s highest honor, the Presidential Medallion, recognizes those who have brought special distinction to USC. This prestigious award is given out during each Academic Honors Convocation ceremony.

Whitmire achieved multiple All-American honors and first team all-EAGL selection on both balance beam and uneven bars during her senior season, garnering her multiple Katie Baldwin Academic Achievement Awards as well as Most Inspirational Awards from EAGL.

He won critical acclaim and widespread fan support with his performance of prison librarian Brooks Hatlen in Frank Darabont’s 1994 film The Shawshank Redemption. Since then he has played numerous characters, such as Kermit the Frog and Ernie on television shows like Sesame Street and Fraggle Rock.

Personal Life

Whitmore and his wife, also an artist, enjoy attending their children’s athletic events and spending time in nature; golf is his passion while running is also something he thoroughly enjoys doing.

Last year, Brooks was personally sued by two individuals who accused her of commissioning UK PI Steve Whittemore to illegally collect personal information on them without public interest defences in place. She denies these claims.

Whitmire has used blogs and interviews to argue that Disney’s firing of him ran counter to the spirit of the Muppets as well as to Jim Henson’s vision for them. Both companies have declined Vox’s request for comment in this matter.

Net Worth

Whitmore has had an accomplished 50-year career as a director and producer, founding performance coaching businesses, sharing an apartment with race car legend Jim Clark and starting ski and tennis schools. However, he has also caused much debate within Hollywood: critics allege Disney’s firing of him violated Jim Henson’s wishes for Muppets while being unprofessional.

Bustos queried Townsend regarding deposits and payments made to members of Whittemore’s family as well as employees. She responded that she used information beyond just each person’s checking account when creating charts; including savings accounts and investment assets as sources.

On Wednesday, trial resumed when FBI Special Agent April French presented to the jury a list of checks written from Whittemore family members and employees in March 2007 to the Friends of Harry Reid committee. Lovedahl noted in his notes that Whittemore had given bonuses to employees unrelated to campaign contributions from individuals in March 2007.

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