Steve Wolter

Steve Wolter is a Forensic Geologist and a Forensic Litigator

Steve Wolter offers comprehensive litigation representation, from class action lawsuits, securities fraud cases, employee benefit disputes and commercial litigation to representing clients in wrongful death actions.

Wolter employs his expertise in forensic geology to examine claims that the Ark of the Covenant might be hidden somewhere in America, as well as investigating claims about Kensington Rune Stone and any possible connections between Knights Templar and Abraham Lincoln’s assassins.

Early Life and Education

Scott Wolter has been teaching engineering at Elon University for more than a decade, and students frequently praise his genuine interest in their career goals and personal aspirations. Additionally, he’s immensely proud of the program’s growth; hiring of another engineering faculty member last month and construction on Innovation Quad that will add an additional 60,000 square feet of laboratory space are just two recent highlights of that expansion.

Wolter specializes in forensic geology, using his knowledge to date ancient artifacts and understand their source. Additionally, he’s conducted fire damage analyses at the Pentagon as well as aiding in police investigations of murder cases where victims were buried under concrete slabs.

He’s long championed living life to its fullest, finding new adventures with Lynn Jamieson (his wife). Together they’ve traveled over 50 countries.

Professional Career

Wolter holds a degree in park and recreation administration and currently serves as Director of Indiana University’s Eppley Institute for Parks and Public Lands as well as Assistant Professor there.

He is known for writing several books on Kensington rune stones and Knights Templar conspiracy theories, and hosting the highly successful television program America Unearthed.

This show explores archaeological mysteries and artifacts found throughout history. While some experts have criticized its lack of scientific validity, others have come out in support.

Wolter is both an experienced geologist and trial attorney. He has successfully represented both plaintiffs and defendants in complex litigation cases such as class actions and securities fraud claims; major bankruptcy litigation; as well as representing both them at work sites located both in Minnesota and New York. His law firm currently has offices both places.

Achievement and Honors

Associate Professor Scott Wolter has had his research embraced by both the Department of Homeland Security and funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, while receiving patents for line-narrowed mask inspection systems and photolithography mask pattern design.

His scholarship has resulted in two books; one on Lake Superior agates and another about Knights Templar connection to Pre-Columbian exploration of America.

Mark is proud to have helped Elon establish and expand its engineering program since 1980. Now with the opening of Innovation Quad, his work continues. Mark strives to preserve Elon’s traditional spirit of cross-campus collaboration and meaningful relationships among faculty. But his true passion lies with students; they appreciate his investment in them while he takes great delight in celebrating their accomplishments.

Personal Life

Wolter employs his years of experience as both a criminal prosecutor and an attorney responsible for nationwide failed bank litigation to help his clients successfully resolve all types of civil and criminal litigation matters. He specializes in aiding parks, public lands, and trail agencies overcome their unique challenges.

He is married to a history investigator, with two children. Contrary to recent rumors claiming his death, he remains alive and well.

Wolter, known for his archaeopetropraphy dating method, also is notorious for listing an honorary master’s degree from an unrecognized university on his resume for decades despite no record of such. Furthermore, his “Minnesota Nice” demeanor often included saying things such as ‘gosh’, ‘dang it’ and ‘heck’ during conversation.

Net Worth

Wolter is an experienced forensic geologist. For years he has spent studying and creating processes that help him interpret ancient artifacts. Furthermore, his knowledge is shared widely via books and television shows.

Minnesota native and founder and president of American Petrographic Services as well as Archaeopetrography creator Richard Hanson has long been utilized by both US Navy and police investigations involving victims buried beneath concrete. His expertise has even assisted them with investigations concerning murder cases involving victims buried alive.

Though recent reports indicated his death, Wolter is alive and well with several children to care for and still working on new projects. Recently he made public post about an amazing discovery he made – that being an apparent Viking ship in California’s desert!

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