Steve Zhao

Steve Zhao – Real Estate Expert and Entrepreneur

Steven Zhao has over ten years of real estate sales experience. His client roster encompasses investors, developers, owners and tenants.

Steve Zhao gambled his life savings when in-home VR gaming proved unsuccessful; creating the world’s first full-body virtual reality experience in specialist experience centers was his ambitious plan and it paid off handsomely.

Early Life and Education

Steven Zhao is an incredible survivor and fighter. After arriving to Philadelphia from Arkansas as a broke college student, he drove 1,400 miles in a beat-up car he owned to make Philadelphia his new home. To survive and make ends meet he worked multiple jobs but never gave up.

Sandbox VR was established by Andrew in 2014 to bring filmmaking into the digital era through immersive technology. Investors have likened Sandbox VR’s formation to that of black-and-white cinema and foresee its rise as the start of an entirely new medium.

He has also published over 340 research articles, 30 issued or pending patents, and delivered over 390 plenary, keynote or invited lectures worldwide to universities, industry and government agencies.

Professional Career

Steve Zhao specializes in structural engineering and development, with expertise in structural rehabilitation using novel technologies. He has conducted extensive research on numerous aspects of structural materials for academic articles he published as well as giving plenary or keynote talks at over 390 international meetings and conferences worldwide.

Gen Law Firm Beijing office partner John Zhao is an IP litigator with 17 years of experience. His specialties include handling major and complex trademark administrative litigation and civil infringement disputes; IP-related commercial arbitration/litigation cases; compliance investigations, government relations matters as well as investigations on compliance related matters.

Steve Zhao took an unconventional approach when seeking investors for Sandbox VR virtual reality company: scheduling all meetings back-to-back and placing them all in one waiting room. It paid off.

Achievement and Honors

Steve Zhao has made a lasting impactful contribution to science through his research in enzyme catalysis, gene regulation, and cell differentiation. He has co-authored or written 350 scientific articles and 30 patent applications; as well as given over 390 plenary, keynote, or invited talks worldwide.

Zhao was honored to receive Los Alamos High School Student of the Month honors in December 2019. She holds memberships in National Honor Society, Key Club and Cafe Scientifique; Cafe Scientifique provides lectures about science-related topics for teens. Zhao volunteers her services at White Rock Branch Library as a librarian assistant as well as at Los Alamos Medical Center’s intensive care units and surgical services as a nurse assistant.

She has also appeared in multiple box-office hits, such as Shaolin Soccer (2001), Red Cliff (2008-2009), Painted Skin and Dearest.

Personal Life

Steve Zhao knew investing his savings in virtual reality would be a risk, yet it proved fruitful. Sandbox VR quickly blossomed into a multimillion-dollar enterprise and investors likened its performance to that of early black-and-white cinema, even garnering investments from Hollywood celebrities including Orlando Bloom, Katy Perry and Justin Timberlake!

Steve is an active member of Philadelphia Chinese community and boasts an expansive network of business owners, entrepreneurs, developers, contractors, lenders and lenders. Additionally, he is an accomplished real estate practitioner, representing various clients in their acquisition or sale of residential and commercial properties as well as managing project operations for Texas land developers and home builders funded through foreign investments.

Net Worth

Material possessions were once seen as burdensome to Zhao, who went by his nickname of CZ and is known for being frugal and minimalistic in his approach.

Early 2022, his net worth was estimated to be estimated at an estimated of $125 billion. Through Sandbox VR, his business offers cutting-edge virtual reality experiences in physical gaming centers where customers wear customized headsets.

However, his wealth took a sharp decline when the value of Terraform Labs’ Luna token dropped 90 per cent – sending shockwaves through investors’ ranks and underscoring the inherent risk associated with investing in crypto assets. Binance’s stake has since decreased to approximately $21 billion – still significant but well down on its peak level.

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