Steven Chaban

Steven Chaban and His Wife Darota Chaban

Investigation Discovery’s show “Reasonable Doubt” chronicles Steven Chaban’s struggle against accusations that he murdered his mother-in-law. Both Darota and Steven are trying to prove their innocence of charges that have been made against them.

Cook County Public Administrator David Epstein contended that Darota should not inherit her mother’s estate since this would help Chaban, serving a prison sentence for strangulating her, escape prison early. But the 1st District panel rejected this argument.

Early Life and Education

Steven Chaban is a dance instructor with Chaban Ukrainian Dancers of Thunder Bay, Ontario. He serves as Assistant Artistic Director and Head Instructor for several children’s dance groups; additionally he instructs adult Ukercize classes and oversees senior ensemble performances.

Dorota stated in her appearance on the show that she had been coerced into making statements against Steven by police officers, which led her to make inaccurate and damaging accusations about him at the time of the murder. Since then, Dorota has come to believe in Steven’s innocence and continues to fight for his release.

Dorota was allowed to inherit her mother’s estate; however, public administrator Epstein objected because it would indirectly benefit Opalinska’s killer and was denied by a panel. Dorota still lives in Chicago and updates a Facebook page dedicated to Steven’s case regularly.

Professional Career

Steven Chaban has been working as a daily sports radio host for nearly 26 years. Throughout that time he has hosted shows on every major syndicated sports talk network and occasionally filled in for nationally known personalities. Steven currently serves as part-time anchor on all-sports WCBS-AM in Washington, DC.

He also provides freelance work in local sports television; for the past two years he and Chick Hernandez have collaborated on Comcast Sports Net’s Redskins Post Game Live program.

Cathy Paroschy Harris has been with Chaban since 1984, beginning as a dance instructor for children’s groups before moving onto leading some adult groups as their director. Today she serves as Assistant Artistic Director as well as teaching Ukercize classes and overseeing some adult recreational groups at Chaban.

Personal Life

Dorota Chaban has been fighting tirelessly on behalf of her husband Steven Chaban since he was charged with the killing of her mother. Based out of Chicago, Illinois and employing Facebook for updates about Steven’s case. Her friends refer to her simply as Dorota.

At her trial, Dorota initially told police and the grand jury she was with her husband during most of June 15 – the day of Irene’s death – and never visited the condominium complex under Chaban’s instruction. Later however, investigators provided phone records showing she was there that day under Chaban’s instruction. Epstein attempted to use Section 2-6 of the Slayer Statute against Dorota as it claimed Dorota would benefit indirectly from her mother’s killer via inheritance from Irene’s estate but this claim was rejected by a judge in November 2014.

Net Worth

Steve Canal amassed his fortune through his success on Joe Millionaire, a popular American TV program. Alongside these earnings, his income comes mainly from farming activities and various businesses he runs.

He is an author and motivational speaker specializing in youth literature. Additionally, he serves as co-founder of Stealth Startup where he earns an attractive annual salary.

Irena Opalinska was discovered dead in her Chicago condo and Steven Chaban was charged with her murder. Investigation Discovery’s documentary entitled ‘Reasonable Doubt: Trapped in the Middle’ dives deep into this case to examine whether or not Chaban actually murdered his mother-in-law; additionally it highlights how Chaban misled investigators regarding his movements that day; claiming to be with her when she died when in fact there is evidence suggesting otherwise.

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