Steven Colon

Steven Colon – A Gentleman With a Kind Heart

Steven Colon was a kind and selfless soul who always enjoyed helping others. His interests included computer programming, baseball and training.

Since becoming Deputy Commissioner in August 2014, he has protested what he perceived to be illegal and discriminatory personnel actions by Banks and Yeaw.

Early Life and Education

Steven was a gentle and kind soul who deeply loved his family. He was disciplined and wise beyond his years, yet always managed to find humor in something and was constantly laughing at something or other.

Steven has over ten years of experience at the American Red Cross, most recently serving as Disaster Program Manager. Throughout this time, he led projects at regional, divisional and national levels; in particular he deployed numerous times to support hurricane Harvey relief operations as well as wildfire relief in Oregon.

Steve credits his wife Cathy’s love, the support from WBTV family and fans, and Levine Cancer Institute with helping him reach a point where his condition can be managed. Now back part-time in the newsroom and using his platform to raise awareness for issues that matter to viewers like them.

Professional Career

Steven Colon is an accomplished business executive with extensive auditing, accounting and tax experience in working with various organizations such as publicly traded companies, non-profits, municipalities, banks, insurance carriers and manufacturing firms.

He boasts an exceptional combination of rotational and linear components in his delivery that allows him to generate high velocity in his four-seam fastball, which can reach mid-90s. Furthermore, he possesses both slider and changeup pitches.

Patti testified that she dropped Miller off at Bailey’s house because he owed money for drugs, only for him to return with an air compressor instead of cash and shoot her instead. Miller later told police he was upset at Bailey for calling him out as a snitch.

Achievement and Honors

Colon has received both military and civilian awards, such as the Gold Humanism Award from Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai. Additionally, he serves on both American Gastroenterological Association boards as a member and as Fellowship Program director at Mount Sinai.

Colon is president of Hunt Companies’ Hawaii Division, where he oversees development activities across the state. His expertise covers virtually every aspect of real estate development, investment and management.

Love from his wife and the support of WBTV staff and viewers have helped Steve to return to reporting. Additionally, Levine Cancer Institute provides him with excellent treatment that has given him a fighting chance against colorectal cancer – giving him the platform to educate people on its symptoms and risk factors.

Personal Life

Steven Colon has returned to play for the New York Yankees following completion of chemotherapy treatment, although initially being placed on the disabled list due to a shoulder strain; however, manager Ozzie Guillen named him to his opening day roster for 2019.

Colon and his wife, Stacy Goodfellow-Colon, have three children together: one daughter and two sons who reside with them in Middleburgh, Schoharie County New York.

The complaint alleges Kassop and Berkowitz violated federal law that restricts access to private medical records without patient permission, by accessing Colon’s records as a favor to Wollenburg. These doctors allegedly told Wollenburg her injuries stemmed from “activity incident to service,” yet according to the complaint they failed to provide her with accurate information about this topic.

Net Worth

Colon is not only involved with his professional career but is also actively engaged in community activism. He serves on both the New Rochelle Hispanic Advisory Board and Westchester Hispanic Commission and has won various awards like Latin NY Music Award and Record World Magazine’s Best Latin Album award.

Colon made his mark as an aggressive fighter at both welterweight and super welterweight divisions during his boxing career, earning acclaim from opponents due to his fighting style. Unfortunately, however, his career was cut short when he suffered a traumatic brain injury from Terrel Williams during an encounter.

Natalee Colon has engaged in six insider transactions totalling $66,987 worth of trades at The York Water Co (YORW) totaling over $66,000 since 15 July 2014. These insider trades included purchasing 18 units of stock worth more than $60 each on 15 July 2014.

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