Steven Dickstein

Steven Dickstein

I greatly admire those who, after starting off in one area of study, develop into something larger in scope – literary critics like Lionel Trilling come to mind here.

Child psychiatry is a specialized field that specializes in mental health issues affecting children and teenagers up to the age of 18. Dr. Steven Dickstein offers this specialty care in Valhalla, NY.

Early Life and Education

Steven Dickstein has 24 years of experience working as a child and adolescent psychiatrist in Valhalla, NY and graduated from New York University School of Medicine (NYU SOM).

Westchester Medical Center.

Dickstein explores the impact of freewheeling novelists like Jack Kerouac and Allen Ginsberg on the Beat Generation while also investigating why academics like Leavis were often selective when selecting literature from popular genres as subjects for study.

Professional Career

Dickstein was an outspoken opponent of Nazism and fascism abroad, long before Joseph McCarthy launched his red scare campaign. Additionally, he provided American passports to foreign agents without anyone paying him (though we do know who paid).

Dickstein found himself dismayed at Yale by its focus on New Criticism. Unlike Columbia, class time at Yale seemed mostly spent listening to fellow students read out their papers aloud.

Achievement and Honors

Skip Dickstein has won several prestigious photography awards during his 30-year career, such as being named runner-up three times at Churchill Downs Journalism Workshop’s annual clip contest and regionally ranking first in National Press Photographers Region 2 annual clip competitions. In addition to these accomplishments, he won the Eclipse Award for Excellence in Thoroughbred Photography. Currently working for Albany Times Union newspaper in Albany, New York while teaching photojournalism classes at Churchill Downs Journalism Workshop; additionally serving as staff photographer of their news department while teaching photojournalism courses there and freelancing freelance jobs from publications across multiple publications/magazines as a freelancer member of both Pro Photographers of America and AP membership organizations.

Personal Life

The couple currently reside in Columbus, Ohio. He is the son of Leah Dickstein and Herbert Dickstein from Louisville, Kentucky while Nadine Jodi Cohen, his wife, is his daughter from Rhoda and Rabbi Herman Cohen in East Brunswick, New Jersey.

He currently holds the presidency at PLZ Corp, a personal care manufacturing company providing specialty aerosol and liquid product production for premier brands in the personal care market. Prior to being promoted as President, he held positions of Senior Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer within this same firm.

Dr. Steven Dickstein is an eminent child and adolescent psychiatrist with 24 years of experience and board certification in Psychiatry. A graduate from New York University School of Medicine, he currently practices at Westchester Medical Center where he accepts multiple insurance plans – this information may change due to availability.

Net Worth

Steven Dickstein has an estimated net worth of $15 Million and leads North America in specialty aerosol and liquid product manufacturing for personal care brands through PLZ Corporation.

Steve Dyme and Steven Dickstein founded Flowers for Dreams in 2012. As co-founders, they envisioned an easy flower delivery business dedicated to maintaining an “aesthetically pleasing” design while giving back. Since day one, 25% of profits has been set aside as charitable contributions; an initial figure written on napkin that has held firm.

Other notable Connecticut billionaires include Karen Pritzker of Hyatt Hotels fame from Stamford; Steve Cohen from Point72 Asset Management of Greenwich; Cargill Heiress Alexandra Daitch of Old Lyme; as well as Boston-based private equity titans Cliff Asness and David Kabiller from AQR Capital Management among many more.

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