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Legacy Preservation and Steven Eichler

Steven Eichler brings years of experience in architecture, finance and business management to legacy preservation issues concerning classic Eichler homes.

Eichler was an innovative developer who recognized the benefits of collaboration between builder and architect. His homes became famous for their large floor-to-ceiling windows that provided homeowners with direct views of nature.

Early Life and Education

Steven Eichler is an esteemed figure in the mortgage business, but also has extensive experience in remodeling, kitchen and bath work, and founding the CA-Modern print magazine and website to preserve modern homes.

Eichler was inspired by living in a Frank Lloyd Wright house, which inspired him to create affordable tract housing with similar design principles. Working alongside architects like Robert Anshen of Anshen and Allen to design his initial tract homes.

He has also participated in many community projects around Calgary, such as serving as chairman for One Yellow Rabbit Performance Theatre and director for Music Calgary. Along with his wife Judi, they reside in Menlo Park California.

Professional Career

Steve not only specializes in corporate and commercial litigation, but he has extensive experience representing clients before various judicial tribunals such as the Supreme Court of Canada, Court of Queen’s Bench and Alberta Court of Appeal.

Eichler became one of the earliest committed developers after World War II to offer affordable homes to middle-class families at reasonable prices. His innovative approach was inspired by egalitarian ideals.

Eichler failed to report her November 2002 memorandum to AIG’s human resources department as required by their anti-harassment policy, nor could she make the argument that notification of line supervisors would not be effective complaint procedures.

Achievement and Honors

Steven Eichler has achieved outstanding professional recognition throughout his career. His client list boasts numerous computer, software, electrical/mechanical, biomedical, artificial intelligence/machine learning technologies as well as mobile apps/data analytics patents that he assisted clients in patenting.

James is also well-recognized in Calgary’s arts scene, having served on Music Calgary’s Board of Directors and serving as Vice Chair and Website Coordinator of Cathedral of Saint Paul.

Steven Eichler has also been active in legacy preservation, helping his grandfather’s legacy of building iconic Eichler homes which contribute significantly to quality of life across multiple communities. More recently he has joined Abilities United’s Board of Directors with his expertise in business design, finance and planning to help reimagine and develop future strategies.

Personal Life

Eichler stood out among postwar America’s prejudgmental climate as one of the first developers committed to providing homes for families regardless of religion or race, epitomizing Frank Lloyd Wright’s Usonian idea of design for all.

He is both a dedicated family man and accomplished musician, serving on the boards of One Yellow Rabbit Performance Theatre and Music Calgary as an active member of Calgary’s arts community.

He maintains an expansive legal practice and has represented clients before both the Court of Queen’s Bench and Alberta Court of Appeal. He specializes in labour and employment law with expertise in occupational health and safety defense/compliance matters as well as workplace harassment investigations; currently serving as partner at Field Law in Calgary Alberta.

Net Worth

Steven Eichler is an exemplary all-round individual with expertise in business, architecture, design and finance. He holds several positions at the mortgage bank firm founded by his father as well as providing architectural design work and remodeling work on non-Eichler homes in Menlo Park. Steven’s primary passion lies in upholding his grandfather’s legacy by helping the public understand the worth of Eichler homes.

Steven Eichler reportedly boasts a net worth estimated to exceed one million dollars as of May 25th 2023. He trades Opko Health Inc stock regularly since 2007 with over 27 trades executed daily averaging 93.598 units traded per day on average; owning 7,000 shares worth $10150 of OPK stock worth approximately $10150 each and holding other investments such as real estate or other assets.

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