Steven Jahn

Steven Jahn

Steven Jahn has extensive global product stewardship, regulatory, and safety consulting experience. He served as CITI trainer as well as serving on their Biosafety training series DVD development team. Steven also enjoys music and outdoor pursuits.

He was hit by two vehicles while riding his bicycle on a village street in Campton Hills, some 55 miles west of Chicago.

Early Life and Education

He enjoyed fine music and spending time with his family. As an Eagle Scout member of the Boy Scouts he also loved golf – being a resident of Snohomish County at this time.

Jahn worked at Charles F. Murphy Company and designed modernist skyscrapers, such as McCormick Place convention center in Chicago. From there he moved on to projects such as One Liberty Place in Philadelphia; Sony Center Berlin; and 50 West Street, all within his career span.

In 1979, he established the Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research Lab (PEAR), hiring Dunne as its director. PEAR conducted experiments utilizing physical and electronic devices designed to test whether people’s thoughts can have an effect on reality.

Professional Career

Steven Jahn combined his love of fine music and outdoor adventure into a career as Executive Producer of television specials, series, and pilots for television – producing “Raquel Welch with the Inner Dialogue” amongst numerous shows, specials, concerts.

He designed postmodern skyscrapers for corporate clients, such as Xerox Center and State of Illinois Center (renamed in honor of its governor backer). Most recently, his project involved designing an unfinished 74-story tower on West Street in Manhattan.

Jahn enjoyed many pursuits outside the lab; baseball, opera, hiking and gardening were among his favorites. According to his daughter, he was an exacting editor – she recalls sending drafts of scientific papers directly to him with much more red ink than black returned back within hours! In later years he took an interest in consciousness research.

Achievement and Honors

Jahn endeavored to ensure the engineering school more closely aligned with Princeton’s strengths as a liberal arts institution during his time as Dean. Furthermore, he led efforts to relocate his department out of Forrestal Campus and into the Engineering Quadrangle as well as make efforts to recruit more women and minorities into faculty ranks.

Jahn’s former electric propulsion students described him as fearless when faced with unconventional ideas and focused more on fundamental questions than specific technical solutions. Their passion for exploration was contagious and Jahn always encouraged frank discussions.

He currently holds the position of Senior Associate Dean for Community Health at Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School and oversees both the Eric B. Chandler Health Center – a Federally Qualified Health Center – as well as numerous Ryan White community health improvement initiatives.

Personal Life

Jahn enjoyed fine music and the outdoors. He especially treasured spending time with his two daughters, Casey and Heidi. Peggy kept friends and relatives updated about her condition through a Facebook page dedicated to Jahn and Peggy’s condition.

Edgar Choueiri was convinced by this book to join Edgar Jahn as director of Princeton’s Electric Propulsion Plasma Dynamics Lab that Jahn founded in 1962; Bruckner recalled giving Jahn draft scientific papers which would receive more red ink than black, and Jahn always provided insightful comments that kept advancing science forward.

Peggy became sick following a long day running errands. She did not leave the house for over a week, prompting Steve to call the hospital numerous times for assistance.

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