Steven Kidder

NHTI Alumnus – Steven Kidder

Steven Kidder was famous for not staying put long. His military career took him across the United States before finally settling in Carlisle, Pennsylvania with his family.

Kidder teaches structural geology, which specializes in three-dimensional samples of rocks to learn their history and identify past environments. He also conducts research into tectonics and microstructures.

Early Life and Education

Steven Kidder is an NHTI graduate who found his calling advocating on behalf of learning-disabled students. He credits NHTI with opening doors that allowed him to discover his interests and find out what career path was right for him.

He has extensive experience in tax law and advises New England’s premier nonprofit organizations on governance and regulatory matters. In addition, he serves as private fiduciary for family trusts. Furthermore, he represents major professional sports players associations nationally on state and local tax matters.

Mylanna earned both her Bachelor of Arts in Economics and JD from the University of Cincinnati College of Law, graduating with honors. Since September 2019 Mylanna has been licensed attorney in Ohio and employed with our firm as well as her dual US/UK citizenship status and loves hiking, reading and doing jigsaw puzzles in her free time.

Professional Career

Steven has over 39 years of commercial real estate sales, leasing and development experience in Oregon and Southwest Washington. He specializes in industrial properties representing tenants as they acquire or dispose of industrial/flex properties throughout these states.

Kidder has written numerous nonfiction works, such as “Mountains Beyond Mountains,” about Harvard Medical School doctor Paul Farmer who dedicates himself to providing modern healthcare for the world’s poor. Additionally, “Rough Sleepers,” his most recent release focuses on another Boston physician working with homeless patients.

Mylanna is a paralegal at our firm with dual US/UK citizenship. She enjoys working alongside her team, taking on complex legal issues, and discovering something new everyday in her job.

Achievement and Honors

Steven Kidder is a legal representative who specializes in representing professional athlete players associations on tax matters. His degrees come from Miami University and the University of Cincinnati College of Law where he graduated with honors.

His research centers around structural geology – which examines large rock bodies and how their surfaces form – as well as geochemistry and geophysics.

He is a dedicated teacher-scholar, balancing laboratory research with undergraduate and graduate student education. Additionally, he serves as an active peer reviewer and organizer of technical symposia.

He is a leader in advancing scientific collaboration between China and the US, serving on both ACS-PMSE National Committees and editorial boards of Polymer Division. In addition, he co-organized PMSE-ACS joint symposium series for over eight years.

Personal Life

Steve brings over 39 years of experience to commercial real estate sales and leasing, with particular expertise in industrial and flex properties. Over his tenure he has completed over 706 industrial property transactions covering 27 m square feet. Furthermore, Steve possesses extensive knowledge in land use/zoning matters.

Kidder first rose to fame thanks to her role as Lois Lane in four Superman movies that established her global prominence.

Mr. Hemenway offers extensive tax and private fiduciary expertise to families, business owners, nonprofit organizations, as well as professional athletes on national tax matters. Additionally, he serves as tax counsel to the Major League Baseball Players Association and represents several professional athletes on national tax issues.

Net Worth

He has over two decades of experience advising high net worth individuals from all across the United States, working closely with both individuals and families as well as businesses and charitable organizations.

He is one of the cofounders of Black Diamond Capital Management and boasts extensive expertise in mergers and acquisitions. Additionally, his impressive portfolio features real estate assets. As a resident of the Virgin Islands he has donated generously to various community groups there.

Margot Kidder, best known for her portrayal of Lois Lane in the 1978 superhero film ‘Superman,’ which became a commercial and critical success, also made an appearance in 1980 sequel ‘Superman II,’ garnering critical acclaim as well. Kidder received numerous acting awards during her career.

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