Steven Lancaster

Steven Lancaster – Orthopedic Surgery Specialist

Steven Lancaster is an Orthopedic Surgery Specialist located in Jacksonville Beach, FL who currently practices at Jacksonville Orthopaedic Inst and accepts various insurance plans.

Hecht produced Lancaster in various films through Harold Hecht Productions, such as Ten Tall Men and The Crimson Pirate as well as Westerns Vera Cruz and Devil’s Disciple. Additionally, two of James Hill’s movies were produced through Harold Hecht Productions.

Early Life and Education

Lancaster was raised in a Quaker home, then attended Goshen College before earning both his B.A. and M.A. degrees at Associated Mennonite Biblical Seminary. He went on to publish fifteen books as well as teaching Amish and Mennonite history at Elizabethtown College; additionally he is an active musician composing baritone solos with Conspirare for Robert Kyr’s Earth Ritual with Conspirare before singing Chorosynthesis with Sphinx Organization chorales.

Thaddeus Stevens was an influential statesman who fought vigorously for the abolition of slavery and equal rights of Americans of African descent during and before the American Civil War. LancasterHistory has developed The Thaddeus Stevens & Lydia Hamilton Smith Center for History and Democracy into an interactive history museum at this historic site in Lancaster City.

Professional Career

Lancaster had an accomplished filmography. He starred in such box office hits as Trapeze and Airport as well as classics Sweet Smell of Success and Run Silent, Run Deep. Additionally, Lancaster appeared in various television mini-series.

As well as appearing in Barnum (1986) as Bull Simons and in made-for-TV dramas like Control and Rocket Gibraltar (where he also played as Nazi war criminal Judgment at Nuremberg 1961), Visconti also cast him as a bird expert prisoner in The Leopard (dated 1967).

Tulsan-born and trained, David has been performing magic for more than four decades at conventions, sales meetings, banquets and malls nationwide. Additionally, he holds memberships in both the Society of American Magicians and International Brotherhood of Magicians.

Achievement and Honors

Lancaster has long been recognized as an expert clinician and educator in ocular disease and contact lenses. He has delivered lectures both nationally and internationally on topics including dry eye syndrome, ocular surface diseases, new lens technology as well as for groups like the American Academy of Optometry and X-Cel contact lens laboratories.

Farley Granger was his acting partner for numerous movies including Airport (1970), which was a hit at the box office, and Atlantic City with Louis Malle (1980).

He went on to appear in Trapeze (1955), an acrobatic film which earned him an Oscar nomination; Sweet Smell of Success, another dark drama which earned an Academy Award nomination; and war crime trial film Judgment at Nuremberg with Spencer Tracy and Sydney Pollack as co-stars.

Personal Life

She keeps up an active personal life amidst her demanding work schedule. Married, and living in Boston with her husband; together they share a son whom they share an extremely close bond; however, any speculations and scandals related to their personal lives were avoided as she is content in her marriage.

Lancaster is an avid artist and has appeared in various television shows. Additionally, he is an accomplished singer who has performed recitals across New York, Paris and Berlin; recorded an album of French art songs with fortepianist Martin Katz called Le Menu des Melodies for Centaur Records; as well as performing frequently at the Dame Myra Hess Memorial Concert Series. Lancaster can be found starring in movies like From Here to Eternity as well as TV mini-series Separate but Equal.

Net Worth

After serving as a circus acrobat during World War II, Lancaster found success as an actor on Broadway and attracted the interest of Hollywood agent. Following some film roles including 1946’s The Killers alongside Ava Gardner he made his big break as an actor with critically and commercially successful films such as Aliens (1947), which led him to portray various roles such as Nazi war criminal, imprisoned bird expert and Italian prince throughout his ten-year acting career.

He spends his limited free time supporting his childrens athletic teams–attending up to 10 games on any given weekend–or shooting hoops on his regulation court at home in Weston. Additionally, he chairs three local childrens charities while giving back by funding scholarships for Northeastern students.

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