Steven Muszynski

Steven Muszynski, Founder and CEO of Splash Financial

Steven Muszynski is the founder and CEO of Splash Financial, an online lender offering refinancing options for student loans. Established in Cleveland in 2013, Muszynski earned magna cum laude in The Ohio State University Fisher College of Business Honors Program with an emphasis in finance and economics.

Early Life and Education

Steven Muszynski realized at an early age his ambition of opening his own business. Utilizing childhood hobbies and experiences to channel his energy into actionable plans that could assist others with realizing their dreams, Steven graduated from Fisher with a BSBA and opened Splash Financial – an online college savings business – shortly thereafter.

Pillows were scattered throughout dorm common rooms, making collection nearly impossible. Kruezburg worked with other dorm parents and Community Service Club members to collect them all and transport them back to Cardigan where they will provide support for students who require assistance as well as WISE (Women’s Shelter of Idaho Society). This service project marks an annual tradition at Cardigan.

Professional Career

Childhood hobbies can provide insight into a career path. Steven Muszynski realized student loan debt was becoming an increasing burden on many young people, which drove him to found Splash Financial – an online lender based out of Cleveland.

Splash is a finance company dedicated to refinancing and consolidating student loans, as well as unprotected personal loans. Led by Muszynski, Splash has quickly become one of the leaders in its field while working hard to help customers make better financial decisions.

Splash has expanded beyond college savings products to also offer investment products, with Muszynski serving on the board of Values in Action Foundation and graduating magna cum laude from Fisher’s Honors Cohort program. His focus on innovation has led to impressive company growth.

Achievement and Honors

Muszynski is the founder and CEO of Splash Financial, an innovative lending platform connecting consumers to local banks and credit unions for digital lending solutions such as refinancing student loans or consumer debts.

He has grown the company to over $60 million in revenues and 150 team members across the country, garnering him many accolades including being honored as a 2022 Builders & Innovators Honoree by Goldman Sachs.

Muszynski also serves on the board of directors for Values in Action Foundation, an organization committed to character education in communities through its various programs and annual fundraisers. Muszynski honors individuals and businesses that make an impactful impactful difference within their local communities with his participation.

Personal Life

Steven Muszynski, founder and CEO of Splash Financial, launched it in March 2013. Splash Financial provides student loan refinancing and education. Steven earned high honors from Ohio State’s Fisher College of Business Honors College and currently sits on its Values in Action Foundation Board of Trustees.

Steven Yulish currently resides in Cleveland, Ohio with his wife Susan Yulish and children Sarah and Steven. Steven has written his own book entitled Searching for Values: A Grandmother, Grandson and the Discovery of Goodness; his passion lies in making a positive contribution to society as a whole through various charitable initiatives; in his free time he enjoys golf, basketball and tennis – an activity in which Susan supports him fully as well.

Net Worth

Splash Financial, an industry-leading digital lending platform which assists borrowers in shopping and comparing financial products, was established in Cleveland in 2013 and now boasts more than $60 Million and 150 employees.

Muszynski’s dedication to his mission has enabled Splash to navigate complex market dynamics, propelling impressive growth. Furthermore, his emphasis on innovation has put them on track for future success.

On this episode of Fintech One on One, we’ll discover how Muszynski has managed to expand his company with remote employees and what lies ahead for fintech industry. Thank you for listening; this podcast is brought to you by LendIt Fintech Nexus; stay tuned for more content!

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