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Author Profile – Steven R Boyett

Steven R. Boyett sold his first novel at 21, and since has published Ariel, Elegy Beach, Mortality Bridge and Fata Morgana (with Ken Mitchroney). Additionally he has written short stories, comic books and even an outline for Toy Story 2! Additionally he plays didgeridoo and composes electronic music.

He is best known as the creator of two popular dance music podcasts Podrunner and Groovelectric, both containing dance music mixes. Additionally, he has performed at clubs, conventions, and Burning Man itself.

Early Life and Education

Steven R Boyett is the author of five novels – Ariel, The Architect of Sleep, Elegy Beach, Mortality Bridge and Fata Morgana – as well as short stories, comic books and essays. Additionally he plays didgeridoo and composes electronic dance music while serving as martial arts instructor, writing teacher, advertising copywriter proofreader typesetter chapbook publisher website designer/editor.

Although Boyett employs many genre tropes in this story (a mystical film director, prophetic visions, the chosen one etc), he manages it expertly. He creates a convincing world complete with language and culture unique to raccoons; furthermore their humor hits just right. Unfortunately however, this tale ends abruptly leaving several intriguing possibilities unexplored.

Professional Career

Steve Boyett attended the University of Tampa on a writing scholarship before embarking on his debut novel Ariel at age nineteen. Since then he has published numerous novels, short stories, screenplays, essays, comic books and Ren and Stimpy comics as well as uncredited second draft for Toy Story 2 without crediting. Professionally he works as paper marbler, advertising copywriter, legal proofreader, typesetter, writing teacher, website editor as well as electronic musician composer.

He currently works as a partner with DuFour Conapinski Ha LLP, where he specializes in complex real estate and sports facility matters. With extensive knowledge in both residential and commercial real estate matters.

Blue Realty and takes great pride in his team’s success.

Achievement and Honors

Steve Boyett is an award-winning author of novels, short stories, screenplays and comic books. Additionally, he contributed the (uncredited) second draft of Toy Story 2. Furthermore, Steve offers writing courses and seminars as well as being an engaging public speaker on New Media topics.

His science fiction novel Ariel became a best seller. Since then he has published The Architect of Sleep, The Gnole, Elegy Beach, Mortality Bridge and Fata Morgana; currently working on book three in his Change series entitled Avalon Burning.

He is best known as a DJ with his podcasts Podrunner (workout music mixes) and Groovelectric (a dance music mix that he dubs “New Old Funk”). He has performed at clubs, parties, conventions, Burning Man as well as being an instructor of martial arts and professional paper marbler.

Personal Life

Boyett has worked professionally as a martial-arts instructor, paper marbler, writing teacher, proofreader and typesetter – with published chapbooks of poetry to his name. In addition, he created two internationally popular podcasts Podrunner and Groovelectric that have proven immensely popular worldwide; furthermore he also plays didgeridoo and composes electronic dance music!

At age 21, he sold his debut novel Ariel. Since then he has published The Architect of Sleep, The Gnole, Elegy Beach (a sequel to Ariel), numerous short stories as well as comic books and the second draft of Toy Story 2.

Prior to joining DuFour Conapinski Ha LLP full time, he served as a senior attorney editor for Thomson Reuters’ Practical Law offering, producing California and New York real estate materials designed to assist attorneys with efficient practice. Additionally, he served as What’s Market leasing editor, providing guidance and market information to attorneys nationwide who were negotiating commercial leases.

Net Worth

Steven Boyett has worked as a martial arts instructor, paper marbler, advertising copywriter, proofreader, typesetter, writing teacher and website designer. In these capacities he has written in various genres such as literary fiction, science fiction fantasy horror anthologies as well as magazines.

Miller-Boyett Productions was a television production company responsible for creating some of the most beloved sitcoms of the 1970s and 1980s, such as Happy Days, Laverne & Shirley, Mork & Mindy, Full House, Family Matters and Bosom Buddies.

Once Miller-Boyett had disbanded, Boyett began producing Broadway theatre productions. He currently resides in Salisbury, Connecticut. His work has received much praise from critics and audiences alike and received several awards and nominations; ultimately amassing a net worth of $5 Million.

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