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Steven Steinman Net Worth

Steve Steinman has come a long way since appearing on Stars In Their Eyes as Meat Loaf back in 1993 and now heads a touring theatre company.

In 2009 he took an enormous risk with Bat the Symphony which toured for two seasons.

In 2017, he created and introduced Iconic the Show featuring some of the greatest film soundtracks ever heard in concert halls around the country, in addition to touring Vampires Rock and The Meat Loaf Story.

Early Life and Education

Steven Steinman initially started in the food industry but soon found himself fed up with having to depend on others for his meals. So he took a big risk and pursued his interest for entertainment instead.

First Break – Stars in Their Eyes (TV Series) – Peter made his television debut when he appeared as Meat Loaf on Stars in Their Eyes TV show and that performance propelled him into international success, leading him to tour worldwide performing his hit show Anything for Love- The Meat Loaf Story (Downtown Theatre Company).

Even after Meat Loaf experienced vocal difficulties and was unable to complete the musical, Steinman continued with its production. Many songs and monologues from this musical later appeared in other Steinman works like Tanz der Vampire or in Cry to Heaven from Tanz der Vampire.

Professional Career

After first appearing as Meat Loaf 28 years ago on Stars in Their Eyes, Steve Steinman has since grown from one night only performances into a career which fills theatres and concert halls across the UK. Now operating his own production company he runs numerous theatre productions at once.

He took an enormous risk by writing and touring Ghost Train as a follow up to Vampires Rock in 2015. The show far surpassed expectations with venues having to add additional dates due to sell out performances.

Steinman is not only an amazing performer but he is also renowned for being an exceptional mentor. He has guided and supported countless assistant directors, interns, and student workers towards successful careers of their own.

Achievement and Honors

Steven was an active member of the Rotary Club of Aberdeen and served as its president. Additionally, he was an Elks Lodge member and Paul Harris Fellow.

He is widely recognized for creating the book, music and lyrics for the musical Bat Out of Hell. His songs boast a distinctive combination of thrills and humor that have made them instantly recognisable among popular culture.

Steinman has worked tirelessly to turn his appearance on Stars in Their Eyes as Meat Loaf into a full blown career. Steve has now been touring for 27 years around the globe filling theatres and concert halls; amassing an international fan base that many rock stars would envy; some even having tattoos commemorating him and his band!

Personal Life

Steven Steinman has an expansive circle of friends and family members. In 2009, his family built a large residence inspired by Sir Edwin Lutyens’ English Manor architecture in Greenwich.

This house sits on over 50 acres of land and is one of the largest homes in town. Featured in various publications, this attraction has long been a tourist favorite.

He and Rhonda Nielsen have been married for over 40 years and together they have two children. He also owns numerous pets including dogs and chickens.

He has been touring internationally for decades and managing multiple theatre shows through his own production company. He is widely recognized for turning Bonnie Tyler into a superstar performer while making Sisters of Mercy the top band on earth.

Net Worth

Steve Steinman is an internationally acclaimed show producer who has produced multiple theatre productions worldwide. Additionally, he is an accomplished author and avid collector of rock memorabilia; his estimated net worth stands at over $45 Million.

He made his initial debut on Stars In Their Eyes as Meat Loaf back in 1993 and since then has gone on to fill theatres worldwide – making him perhaps the most successful contestant that the programme has ever witnessed.

He adopted the stage name Steve Steinman in honour of Jim Steinman, composer of Bat Out of Hell. But, to retain his own personality and remain true to his roots. Since then, this hardworking youngster from Oldham has scaled the heights of success en route to becoming multi-millionaires many times over.

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