Steven Sunyich

Steven Sunyich, His Son Chris, and Three Others Are Subject to an FTC Judgment That Freezes Their Assets

Steven Sunyich, Christopher Sunyich, Michael Sunyich Gardner, Shawn Sunyich, and Kent Brown (the Corporate Defendants) have filed motions with the FTC seeking release of funds which have been frozen due to an FTC judgment against them.

Court proceedings have barred the ringleaders from marketing, selling or handling credit-related products and services.

Early Life and Education

Steven Sunyich, his son Chris and three others known as Corporate Defendants were accused of participating in a fraud scheme to defraud unwitting consumers. The FTC asserted that these defendants participated in a common enterprise by engaging in unfair billing practices and making deceptive statements; their evidence showed they exercised control over Ideal FSI as well as knowledge of high chargeback rates.

Both Chris and Steven Sunyich have requested that the court appoint counsel to represent them in this civil lawsuit, however their untrue representation that they suffer from cognitive disabilities or are otherwise incompetent is insufficient to warrant this action; their request has therefore been denied as the courts typically only grant such relief under special circumstances.

Professional Career

Steven Sunyich is the father of Chris Sunyich, President of Ideal FSI from 2009 to 2013. Both were signers for numerous shell entities such as Debt Elimination Systems and Bracknell Shore. Chris Sunyich participated in many aspects of this scheme and knew about its high chargeback rates, according to the Federal Trade Commission. He drafted call center scripts, monitored agent calls with consumers and received reports outlining any unwarranted charges. With his son Jared Mosher as President of Ascot Crossing and Bracknell Shore (and an ideal de facto officer). Like him he participated in customer service discussions as well as meetings.

Personal Life

Five individuals charged with operating a payday-loan scam that defrauded consumers out of $25 million await punishment from a federal judge. Pro se defendants Steven Sunyich, Chris Sunyich, Jared Mosher and Melissa Gardner exercised significant control over Ideal Financial Solutions–an enterprise with offices located in St George but using Las Vegas virtual addresses for business filings–pro se.

FTC evidence reveals that Chris Sunyich, as president of Ascot Crossing and Bracknell Shore – used by Ideal to process merchant accounts and charges – knew about consumer complaints as well as law enforcement investigations into them. Furthermore, he drafted call center scripts which made false representations to consumers.

Steven Sunyich claims the FTC filed “mountains of worthless documents” to cover up an “absolutely genuine dispute to ALL claims”. He seeks the release of frozen assets to cover his living expenses and legal fees on grounds that they have demonstrated indigence or exceptional circumstances justifying such relief.

Net Worth

Sunyich was active with several charitable organizations such as South Bay Alcoholism Council and Didi Hirsch Community Mental Health Center. Instead of sending flowers, her family has asked that donations to these two causes be made in lieu of bouquets.

FTC evidence establishes that Steven Sunyich, his son Chris, Michael Sunyich, Melissa Sunyich Gardner and Jared Mosher exercised substantial control over Ideal FSI and other corporate defendants in this case. For example, they recruited signers and straw officers for shell entities, recruited signers to fill vacancies within them, recruited signers for call-center scripts for charging campaigns as well as managing how Ideal submitted consumer information to processors. A clerk’s default judgment was entered against all corporate defendants, while consent judgments against Kent Brown and Shawn Sunyich were entered against them all.

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