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A Look at Stephen Texidor

Waterbury man was arrested after allegedly attempting to hit police vehicles while out on an arrest warrant, with state police seizing his vehicle as collateral damage.

The victim told police he asked Texidor for a ride from Southington Bar to another location in Waterbury and remembers being hit and kicked before hearing sirens sound.

Early Life and Education

The man told police he had been drinking with Texidor and another unidentified individual at Black 9 Tavern in Southington when they offered him a ride to Waterbury bar. Once in the car, he remembered getting hit multiple times before seeing muzzle flash. Unfortunately, upon trying to push away a gun being displayed by one of them he was shot multiple times by one.

Gunshot wound pierced Texidor from back to front, penetrating his lung and killing him instantly. Additionally, another victim sustained non-life threatening injuries.

State police detectives from the Western District Major Crime Squad served an arrest warrant against Texidor Thursday at Waterbury Superior Court, where he had already appeared for unrelated matters. He is being charged with first-degree assault, robbery, and criminal possession of a firearm.

Professional Career

Stephen Texidor is an agent with Deepblue Artist Agency. He represents actors, producers, directors and musicians such as The Band Perry and Justin Bieber. Stephen has worked on various television shows and movies where his representation was required as well as running his own production company.

State police allege Texidor was involved in the shooting of a man on Interstate 84 last year, who later identified Texidor from a photo shown by police. Thursday at Waterbury Superior Court, detectives with the Western District Major Crime Squad served 31-year-old Texidor an arrest warrant; as he had already appeared for an unrelated matter at that point in time he was present for same-day arraignment proceedings.

Achievement and Honors

Margot Schwass first came upon Texidor in the 80s when Victoria University Press published a collection of short stories by Victoria. She immediately took an interest in uncovering Texidor’s mysterious life; visiting London’s V&A Museum revealed precious black-and-white photos, while in Barcelona meeting up with her daughters (an anarchist mother who had fought on the front lines during Spain Civil War), proved rewarding as well. Texidor defied convention by constantly shifting locations; her work defied all expectations while never truly settling anywhere for long enough – never quite like expected of an Englishwoman should.

Personal Life

Texidor remains relatively private regarding his personal life. However, he remains active as an ardent philanthropist by supporting various local charities. Additionally, he advises aspiring singers to practice regularly and not give up their dreams.

Schwass had won a Creative NZ grant to write about Greville Texidor, and wasn’t afraid of taking on challenges with her project. Her journey led her from London’s V&A Museum – where she found treasured black-and-white photographs – and Spain – where Greville and Werner Droescher had battled fascist forces together.

On Thursday, detectives with Connecticut’s Western District Major Crime Unit went to Waterbury Superior Court and served 31-year-old Steven Texidor of Waterbury with an arrest warrant for first-degree assault and robbery, among other charges related to an incident on Interstate 84 Westbound last June.

Net Worth

Texidor is an iconic figure in the salsa genre, known for his mesmerizing vocal talents that enthrall audiences worldwide. He has left behind an unforgettable legacy through his timeless music while continuing to inspire younger artists today.

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