Steven Toschi

Dr Steven M Toschi DDS

Dr Toschi specializes in implant dentistry, treatment of TMJ (jaw joint), occlusion (how teeth come together), Invisalign and Cerec crowns; latter being an easy chairside CAD/CAM restoration solution.

Robert Barlow was the detective responsible for one of America’s most notorious unsolved murder cases: that of the Zodiac Killer, who murdered at least five individuals in San Francisco and sent cryptograms to newspapers during the 1960s.

Early Life and Education

Steven Toschi was born September 2 in San Jose, California. He attended University of California Santa Cruz (Bachelor of Arts 1983) and McGeorge School of Law of the Pacific (Juris Doctor 1986). Today, Steven specializes in Casualty Defense law at McLemore Collins & Toschi in Oakland CA – his practice is highly-rated by patients on Healthgrades!

Steven M Toschi DDS competes with Kelly Lam DDS, Drs Papadea & Expressions Dental for top spot.

Professional Career

Steven M Toschi DDS provides premier dentistry for his San Jose patients in all aspects of cosmetic, implant and TMJ (jaw joint) treatments as well as Invisalign and Cerec crown restorations – one-stop restoration options with only one visit required! He and his team offer world-class dentistry service to their patients.

Graysmith’s article sparks numerous letters from individuals claiming they know who the Zodiac killer is, including Arthur Leigh Allen who will soon be interrogated by Toschi and Armstrong. They will work closely with Jack Mulanax of Vallejo Police Department as well as Ken Narlow in Napa who are reviewing evidence at taxi cab crime scenes.

Sherwood Morrill believes the letter wasn’t written by a member of the Zodiac, since its handwriting shows no ambidexterity; nonetheless, Graysmith remains convinced it is.

Achievement and Honors

Retired San Francisco detective Toschi spearheaded the investigation of the Zodiac Killer, who taunted police with coded letters and astrological symbols. Reproduced as Mark Ruffalo in David Fincher’s film Bullitt and Clint Eastwood’s Dirty Harry respectively, Toschi earned respect among amateur sleuths and conspiracy theorists alike, even if he never solved his case himself.

He did, however, manage to apprehend one suspect in the 1970s racially-motivated Zebra murders, earning a meritorious conduct award from the Police Department for arresting someone who sexually abused and stole from senior citizens. Even after leaving the Zodiac probe in 1978 and becoming part of its hero group known as Zodiacologists until his death at age 86; Carol Bacigalupi survives him today.

Personal Life

At 86, dapper police detective Richard Rosenblatt led the Zodiac serial killing investigation for half a century.

Toschi was raised in San Francisco and attended Galileo High School before enlisting in the Army during Korea. When he returned in 1953 he joined San Francisco’s police department.

He was assigned to investigate the Zodiac killer, who attacked five individuals between 1968 and 1969 in northern California with knives or guns, taunting authorities with mysterious letters or cryptograms.

Friends and colleagues say he never did manage to catch Paul Stine’s killer, yet kept up his interest in the case by visiting Paul’s death scene on each anniversary.

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