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The Top Strength Project – The Life of Steven Tripp

Steven Tripp is an attorney specializing in land use and redevelopment law, frequently appearing before planning boards, zoning boards of adjustment and municipal governing bodies for hearings or appointments.

He is the author of various books including Yankee Town and Southern City: Race and Class Relations in Civil War Lynchburg as well as Ty Cobb: Baseball and American Manhood.

Early Life and Education

Tripp was sold into prostitution as an infant and lived an unstable existence as an orphan, after his adoptive mother passed away when he was still young and his adoptive father proved abusive towards him. At some point during this journey he left home in search of his biological parents.

He is an expert in land use law and frequently appears before planning boards, zoning boards of adjustment and municipal governing bodies to represent clients with land development projects such as site plans, subdivisions, variances, access permits and areas needing redevelopment determinations.

He has a passion for the outdoors and attended NOLS in the Rockies in Lander, Wyoming for one semester. When not studying or exploring his passion, he enjoys working out at his local gym, playing basketball or golf and spending time with family and friends.

Professional Career

Steve Tripp was an industry expert in personal training. In addition to running his own personal training business, he served as a trainer at Synrgy Health and Fitness in Chelsea, AL for over four years before making the switch to The TOP Strength Project.

His litigation practice includes actions in lieu of prerogative writs involving decisions of planning boards, zoning boards of adjustment and municipal governing bodies. Additionally, he advises developers and financial institutions on acquisition, disposition and financing arrangements of real property.

He donated to Hillsdale College, a small Christian liberal arts school in Michigan known for its great books curriculum that is popular with conservatives and has served as an incubator for emerging legal scholars and lawyers from this group. Furthermore, he donated $20 million to George Mason University so they can rename its law school after Justice Antonin Scalia – an act which brought much praise from him personally and other contributors.

Achievement and Honors

Steven was an extremely devoted son and brother who demonstrated an exceptional work ethic and generosity with both time and resources. His manner was always kind and considerate; always striving to do what was right.

Ben enjoyed exploring nature and taking trips with his family into wilderness areas, even spending a semester at NOLS in the Rockies in Lander, Wyoming.

He is survived by his parents; sister Brittany Paige Sharpe of McBean; and several nieces and nephews. His grandmothers Rosemary McKinniss and Mary Jane (McKibben) Meyer as well as an aunt Patti A. McKibben had predeceased him. A 2006 graduate from Logan High School, he was an avid football player who loved watching Atlanta Falcons games.

Personal Life

Steve Tripp has over 30 years of experience in the fitness industry. As a member of the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA), he trains at both YMCA and Taunton’s Ultimate Fitness, playing defensive end all four years of high school. Weight training is his passion; always seeking ways to better himself physically and mentally.

He is also a prolific author who regularly lectures on American social and cultural history as well as masculinities in America. Among his books are Yankee Town: Race and Class Relations in Civil War Lynchburg Tennessee; Ty Cobb: Baseball and American Manhood; and The Forgotten Men: Down and Out in Depression Era America.

Tripp’s daughter Tovah Bass and William Matthew Rafelson are fourth-year medical students at Robert Wood Johnson University in Piscataway, N.J.

Net Worth

Stephen Tripp dedicated his life to serving others, enjoying nature and woodworking. An amateur radio operator with call sign K1iig, his legacy includes wife Marsha Tripp; stepson Devon Tripp of Jewett City CT; sister Claudia Stratton from Murietta CA as well as four stepgrandchildren and two nephews.

Tripp was born to American Civil Servant Linda Rose Tripp (24 November 1949 – 8 April 2020), with an older sibling Allison Tripp Foley who made headlines for her part in uncovering the Clinton-Lewinsky scandal of 1998 as a whistleblower recording Lewinsky’s conversations with President Bill Clinton before handing them over to independent counsel Kenneth Starr for further review.

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