Steven Tsao

Steven Tsao

Steven Tsao is a mental health practitioner who specializes in anxiety and behavioral therapy. He works for the Center for Anxiety & Behavior Therapy but unfortunately no longer accepts new clients or telehealth appointments.

He completed his specialty training in the UK and is a Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians Edinburgh. Dr. Li completed a special interest research fellowship specializing in endoscopic screening devices (ESD) for early gastrointestinal cancer detection.

Early Life and Education

Steven Tsao hails from a family deeply immersed in Seventh-day Adventism and medical arts. After graduating magna cum laude from La Sierra University in Riverside in 1985, following in his older brother Gordon’s footsteps by enrolling at LLU School of Medicine he obtained his medical licenses and passed the exams required for licensure as a doctor.

Tsao went on to complete both his predoctoral internship at Boston VA Medical Center and postdoctoral fellowship at Harvard/McLean Hospital’s OCD Institute, with both programs specializing in treating severe and complex comorbidity, such as eating disorders and OCD.

Tsao distinguished between normal anxiety and fear experienced during childhood, and anxiety disorders like social anxiety disorder, generalized anxiety disorder and OCD. He further discussed exposure and response prevention therapy (ERP), an effective approach to treating such conditions.

Professional Career

Steven Tsao is a licensed psychologist specializing in anxiety disorders. He has worked in a number of clinical settings such as residential treatment programs and McLean Hospital’s OCD Institute, and given many regional and national presentations regarding OCD and eating disorders.

Dr. Tsao has also published numerous scientific articles and lead-authored several books. His efforts have earned him multiple awards and honors, such as NASA Exceptional Achievement Medal. Furthermore, he co-led Sensorweb Toolbox team which won 2005 NASA Software of the Year Award.

He has represented Chinese Taipei national baseball team in five major international competitions, such as Junior World Championship (1996-1999), 1999 Asian Baseball Championship, 2004 Olympics and 2008 Olympics.

Achievement and Honors

Tsao was twice victorious at beating Bobby Flay on Food Network’s iconic show, winning both challenges on its inaugural season. Additionally, he serves as Executive Chef at Beauty & Essex NYC where his innovative Asian cuisine adds variety to an international-influenced small plates menu.

He currently serves as senior consultant of Tan Tock Seng Hospital’s Gastroenterology Department and Adjunct Associate Professor with Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine, specialising in image enhanced endoscopy (ESD) and early gastrointestinal cancer detection.

Producing and staring in the YouTube series Sandwich Sunday’s, Tsao creates new sandwich combinations inspired by questionnaires submitted by celebrities such as comedian Steve Byrne & Killswitch Engage vocalist Jesse Leach. When not cooking or hosting, Tsao can often be found writing and performing with his heavy metal band Loss Becomes Us.

Personal Life

Steven Tsao currently resides in New York City with his wife Yvonne, and both work at Taylor, a marketing and public relations agency based out of New York City. She holds both an undergraduate degree from Virginia and an M.B.A from Cornell.

Chef Tsao is also an accomplished chef, having made appearances on Good Day New York and Chopped as well as competing on Beat Bobby Flay (where he won in its inaugural season), writing cookbooks, and developing television shows with wife Yvonne.

Tsao is affiliated with Center for Anxiety and Behavior Therapy. While he does not accept insurance plans, telehealth appointments may be available. You can view his full profile and schedule an appointment via the Sharecare website.

Net Worth

Though his net worth remains undisclosed publicly, Tsao is widely thought to be wealthy due to his successful business career. Co-founding Miven Venture Partners as an early-stage venture capital firm, Tsao boasts an extensive network across Asia and California which he uses to assist tech startups including those in media & entertainment, information technology, telecommunications & wireless sectors. Tsao currently lives with his wife near Kobe Bryant’s residence in Newport Coast.

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