Steven Vollmer

The Life of Steven Vollmer

Steven Vollmer studies the evolutionary ecology of marine organisms. His lab primarily investigates reef corals; in particular, his work has demonstrated that some species of staghorn coral are naturally resistant to White Band Disease.

Vollmer is survived by his wife, son, siblings, nieces and nephews as well as his devoted four-legged companion Piney. Funeral services will be held Tuesday at Most Holy Rosary Church in Syracuse.

Early Life and Education

Vollmer was an entrepreneur and businessman who excelled at multiple fields. He managed a TV studio, sold insurance policies, and even owned a trailer company with his wife Patricia. Vollmer was also an enthusiastic sports fan. He leaves behind his wife Patricia as well as Gabriel, Jack, and Madison from his marriage.

Vollmer’s legacy lives on today through his books, teaching methods and activism. In Schools Cannot Do It Alone, Vollmer addresses the threats facing American education today while outlining an impressive plan of action to transform schools and inspire students. His message should be disseminated widely – Vollmer believed strongly in criminals as human beings while opposing brutal interrogation techniques; similarly he believed schools must strive to unlock all students’ full potentials.

Professional Career

Steven Vollmer went on to play professionally both in the United States and Europe, excelling as an offensive big man who used his feet well while tormenting opponents’ defense. Vollmer also had an intimidating personality, making him an effective leader who could be difficult for others to play against.

In 1949, the Reds called up Vollmer from Syracuse International League affiliate and gave him regular playing time; but soon found himself benched due to struggles and was benched later that season; during 78 games played, Vollmer managed just 34 hits for an slugging average of.219 before being traded away to Washington for outfielder Carden Gillenwater.

Steve Vollmer currently works for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers as their Creative Director, and is an avid football fan who cheers for TB12. He lives in Congerville with his wife, twin daughters Addison and Natalie and son Matthew.

Achievement and Honors

Vollmer’s research team utilizes next-generation sequencing technology to study the genetic architecture of non-model marine species, with particular attention being paid to coral innate immunity and pathogen recognition genes.

He is an active member of the American Chemical Society’s Division of Physical Chemistry, having received multiple awards and scholarships such as the Dean’s Scholar Award of ACS.

Vollmer is actively engaged in local and civic organizations outside his professional work. He founded the Lakeland Alumni Association and sits on its board of directors; additionally he regularly mentors Lakeland students as he speaks at classes. Vollmer’s law firm Makower Abbate Guerra Wegner Vollmer was named one of Michigan’s Best Lawyers 2022 while in 2017 Vollmer was honored as Rising Star in Michigan real estate law law practice – all three locations of which the firm currently reside are Detroit, Ann Arbor and Lansing offices of his firm are in Michigan!

Personal Life

Steve Vollmer was an incredible family man, sports fanatic, and Tom Brady supporter who also enjoyed reading Thomas Pynchon novels, listening to classic rock, and tasting spicy cuisine. He will be greatly missed by his friends and family.

One of his best-known cases was Tony Carcopa’s, in which a vegetable peddler received death threats from criminals connected with the Black Hand and was ordered to pay ransom. Vollmer intervened with officers watching over him, so that when criminals attempted to throw dynamite into his house they failed owing to Vollmer being on high alert.

He took the dynamite to Berkeley professor Albert Schneider for analysis — in this era prior to forensic science he was able to identify its location and arrest its perpetrators.

Net Worth

Vollmer has been quoted as saying Helix is his life and that he’s not ready to quit playing it just yet. At various points during its 30-year existence, Vollmer considered folding up the band; each time after speaking with manager Bill Seip though he decided against it.

Raised in Listowel, Ontario and currently living in London with his wife Lynda, David enjoys various hobbies including painting, gardening and woodworking. Additionally, he offers vocal lessons as well as playing classical music for weddings and funerals across Southern Ontario.

He is Group President-Management Services at AECOM and has made six trades worth over $2,205,710 within three years, his largest being on 27 December 2019 when 30,240 units sold were valued at over $1.308,787.

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