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Profile of Steven Waite

Steven Waite possesses vast operational experience, having held directorship positions at numerous companies such as AcuFocus, LipoSonix, NeoVista NeuroNetics Cellutions OsteoLign and WaveTec. Furthermore, since earning his master’s degree in Kinesiology he has taught it at numerous colleges around the country.

Now, he is the principal of Writtle University College in Essex, England.

Early Life and Education

Steve Waite was born in Pipestone, Minnesota to James and Marilyn (Brockberg) Waite. He graduated from Pipestone High School in 1980 before attending an electrician program in Albert Lea and working for local electrical companies before eventually opening Mark’s Electric in Pipestone.

Due to the Vietnam War draft ending before his class was selected, he was spared military service. Instead, while in high school he assisted his father at their local auto repair shop where he learned many aspects about cars as well as developing an interest for tinkering and fixing things.

He was an avid distance runner and competed in local races from mile runs to marathons. Now, he teaches Kinesiology courses at FPU, Clovis Community College, and CSU Stanislaus.

Professional Career

Steve Waite is an accomplished business professional with an array of experiences in manufacturing. For over 27 years he has held management and sales roles at numerous manufacturing firms; most recently he served as director for Curtis Instruments.

He was also one of the co-founders and board members for both GMO GlobalSign (now part of GMO group) and GeoTrust, as well as having extensive experience building early stage cybersecurity companies. Furthermore, he held executive roles with several companies over his nearly two decade long financial sector career.

He enjoys distance running as a form of recreation, competing in races from mile distance to marathon. Additionally, he coaches cross country, track and soccer for multiple teams within Fresno/Clovis area.

Achievement and Honors

As the son of a Navy parent, Waite spent much of his childhood traveling from naval base to base across Maryland, Bethesda Maryland, Jacksonville Florida and Pearl Harbor Hawaii. While making friends among sailors and crew members at each base he also got to tour some of the largest ships including aircraft carriers USS Kittyhawk and USS Forrestal.

He is also an avid cross country and soccer coach in Fresno and Clovis. Together with his wife, they enjoy distance running, supporting local running groups and teams in Fresno County.

At an event hosted earlier this month, Waite was celebrated by colleagues, students and friends from across the University. At that event, he assured attendees that retirement does not mark his departure but instead provides more time for research projects to continue.

Personal Life

He had many interests and always had something going on. A hard worker, he would help anyone in need and was also deeply committed to his family – his wife and children being especially fond of him.

He grew up as the child of Navy personnel, moving between naval bases such as Bethesda MD, Jacksonville FL and Philadelphia PA as a result. Through these moves he gained exposure to many of their ships and submarines as well as being an avid collector of their patches throughout his life.

He enjoys distance running, having competed in several marathons over time. Additionally, he coaches cross country and track and field at multiple schools around Fresno area schools, and teaches Kinesiology courses both at FPU and Clovis Community College.

Net Worth

Waite has amassed an immense fortune through upfront pay, profit participation and residuals as well as endorsements and advertising work over his career. Additionally, he has made smart stock investments and acquired property.

Forbes estimates the British singer as being worth an estimated total of around $145 Million. Additionally, he’s an active philanthropist and clothing line founder with multiple restaurants throughout London as well as owning his own football team.

He serves on the board of Strayer University and acts as a steward to various charitable foundations, in addition to having extensive experience as a chief financial officer.

He is best known as the ex-partner of Gillian Sturgeon, sister of Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon. Both parties were arrested following a domestic incident but all charges have since been dropped. As an extremely private individual he prefers not to share much details of his life through social media platforms such as Instagram.

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