Steven Woodward

Steven Woodward – The CEO of Kirkland’s

Steven Woodward has over three decades of experience working in the insurance industry, holding positions such as marketing, sales and business development for various companies.

He decided to pursue graduate school studies in writing and science-writing, so he applied to the University of Missouri, which boasted both outstanding journalism programs as well as science writing ones.

Early Life and Education

Woodward began his education career teaching at Bishop Brady High School before transitioning into administration as principal in Franklin and Farmington before taking on his current position at Raymond High. Woodward feels as if his journey has come full circle as he enjoys working again within a high school environment.

He credits Brooks and Kennedy with helping him become the professional he is today, as well as working at The Missourian. Furthermore, participating in Washington Reporting Program was an integral part of his journalism education.

Woodward’s sculptures combine various mediums into his pieces, such as wood, bark, rag rugs and flags. He even created one work which combined A-frame house architecture and ship hull hull.

Professional Career

Woodward is widely-admired as CEO of Kirkland’s, boasting an outstanding performance record and outstanding interpersonal skills. His expert leadership skills combined with strategic planning have enabled him to create an efficient organization with high morale and profitability.

He possesses the unique skill to find solutions to complex problems, while working effectively with diverse groups of people. Furthermore, he’s an exceptional communicator able to connect with people from various walks of life. Furthermore, he understands the value of effective communication.

Woodward is known for his diverse sculptural work, often taking the shape of wooden trees or animals. His art can be found throughout museums and galleries worldwide.

Achievement and Honors

Woodward has held leadership roles in several organizations and served on multiple corporate boards. Most notably he served as Director of Emergency Preparedness in Jacksonville, Florida where he oversaw disaster preparedness preparation, prevention, response, mitigation strategies. Woodward has also worked internationally.

He is well known for his contributions to the Civil Rights Movement, writing numerous books on history. For his writing and teaching efforts he has received multiple accolades including a Pulitzer Prize for History.

Woodward participated in MU’s Washington Reporting Program during his time there, developing the skills he would need for a career as a journalist. This hands-on experience proved crucial to him realizing journalism was the path for him; and has also made him a stronger leader.

Personal Life

Woodward and his college sweetheart have two children together and enjoy writing and painting together, along with being members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Jasper the Carin Terrier completes their family dynamic!

He was timid during high school but attended an adult beginner swim class to conquer his fear of water. Additionally, he tried out for school theatre production auditions but was too nervous to participate in them.

Woodward had much fun during his time at The Missourian, especially during a particularly dull night at their city desk, where he decided to play a practical joke on his copy editors by adding numerous fake headlines into the front page feature article preview section of their newspaper.

Net Worth

At June 26th 2022, Steven Woodward had an estimated net worth of $2 Million. He serves as President and CEO of Kirkland’s Inc, which operates 355 stores in 35 states plus an e-commerce website. Prior to Kirkland’s Inc, Woodward held chief merchant positions at Crate and Barrel as well as senior positions with Chico’s FAS and Aeropostale.

He currently owns 532,181 Kirkland’s Inc shares as per Form 4 filings with the SEC and has acquired 46,808 units worth approximately $110,935. In just the past year he purchased 46,808 units worth an aggregate total of over $110K in KIRK stock purchases.

Steven Woodward completed two insider trades during this period. You can access all his transactions and disclosures in his Steven Woodward Insider Trading Tracker table. Furthermore, Steven serves as an advisor to several private investment funds, while also offering guidance in estate planning, trust planning and charitable gift administration as well as related tax and fiduciary matters.

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