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Steves Detailing – It’s in the Details!

Steves Detailing offers comprehensive auto detailing services dedicated to creating “the shine”. They have more than two decades of experience, so every detail counts – not only helping your car look its best but also keeping you healthy by eliminating harmful bacteria from its cabin.

Early Life and Education

At school, Steve was an unpopular student. He often clashed with teachers and caused havoc in his classroom. Once, with help from Rick, Steve convinced other students to give them their bike lock combinations so he and Rick could steal bikes; it took until 10 o’clock that evening for all their havoc to be cleaned up.

At an early age he showed an extraordinary knack for detail and discovered a deep-seated passion for model making and miniatures, becoming adept in diorama construction and scale model fabrication. Many architectural, interior, and landscaping designers commissioned dioramas and accurate scale models from him for use in their projects.

After leaving UPMC Williamsport, Steve diligently worked with physical and occupational therapists. Gradually improving his word recognition skills and working towards fulfilling his goal of walking down the aisle at his daughter’s wedding ceremony.

Professional Career

Steve is the Founder and CEO of Steve’s Detailing. An avid car enthusiast, Steve specializes in classic and modern vehicles; using his extensive knowledge of auto body work and paint in combination with detailed techniques for optimal results for his clients. When not detailing vehicles, Steve can often be found exploring craft beer or cheering for Boston sports teams!

His company prioritized cleanliness and simplicity, which mirrors Jobs’ own way of running his business. He required each team member to focus on no more than three to four projects simultaneously and was willing to start over from scratch if something wasn’t quite right with any one product.

Below are salary ranges for comparable job titles within their industry and location. These figures may not be completely accurate as they depend on factors like location and responsibilities of job roles.

Achievement and Honors

At 11 years old, Steven Thompson III (STEV3) of Boise is the youngest detailer ever to earn professional certification from the International Detailing Association (IDA). At Mobile Tech Expo Orlando in Florida recently, STEV3 earned Certified Detacher Designation (CD). STEV3 caught the attention of Rigo Santana of IDA Master Detacher/SONAX National Detailing Educator fame; who will prepare him for Skills Validated training this month at Peterson Museum Los Angeles. If you want to maximize resale value on your car visit Steve’s detailing – where details matter!

*Important Note: The resale value of any vehicle depends upon numerous factors, such as its condition, mileage and history.

Personal Life

Steve is a cherished grandpa, loving husband and the father of four boys. An avid traveler, author and speaker who advocates taking care of people first before business; Steve built a multimillion-dollar company by adhering to this principle and has taught others to do the same. Steve regularly speaks on topics that affect people while motivating audiences to make an impactful difference in themselves and the world at large; additionally his articles have appeared in numerous prominent publications nationwide as well as radio and TV programs; his books include Enjoy the Ride, Making a Difference and Hide Your Goat

Net Worth

Steve Harvey has amassed an estimated net worth of $200 Million through his diverse work as a comedian, TV host, author and actor. Known for his clean humor and motivational speeches.

Steve’s Detailing offers more than the standard car wash; here, each vehicle is carefully hand washed to remove every last spot of dirt or polish from its body, so as to protect any investment. No automotive purchase is too small to protect.

John McVie is one of the founding members of Fleetwood Mac, and his impressive $50 million net worth demonstrates his hard work. Additionally, John is very generous with his donations to charities and other causes.

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