Stewart Resnick

Stewart Resnick, Chairman, President and Co-Owner of The Wonderful Company

Stewart Resnick and Lynda Resnick, together co-own The Wonderful Company – one of the world’s largest pistachio and almond businesses as well as America’s leading citrus grower – while also owning iconic brands such as FIJI Water, JUSTIN wines, Landmark Wines and Teleflora.

They have also become one of California’s largest philanthropists, giving to everything from charter schools and affordable housing projects to health and wellness initiatives and environmental sustainability research projects. Their largest gift was an unprecedented $750 million commitment made towards Caltech.

Early Life and Education

Stewart Resnick is chairman and president of Los Angeles-based The Wonderful Company, where he oversees finance, legal, real estate, strategy, human resources as well as global agricultural operations and iconic consumer brands like POM Wonderful, FIJI Water, Wonderful Pistachios & Almonds, Wonderful Halos JUSTIN Wines Landmark Wines as well as Teleflora floral wire service. Together with Lynda Resnick he and their company combine great business success with admirable commitments to charity work.

Companies invest between $50 million and $80 million each year on community development and education in the Central Valley and Fiji island, supporting charter schools, tutors, dietitians, trainers who monitor workers’ weight and encourage exercise as well as medical centers.

Professional Career

Stewart Resnick and Lynda Resnick co-own The Wonderful Company, America’s largest farming operation. As chairman, president, and co-owners, Stewart and Lynda serve as co-owners. This private Los Angeles-based global enterprise aims to spread health and happiness around the globe with iconic brands like POM Wonderful seedless lemons, Wonderful seedless lemons, POM Wonderful Water, FIJI Water, JUSTIN wines from Landmark vineyards as well as Teleflora floral wire service company Teleflora floral wire service company.

He combines financial acumen and marketing smarts in pursuit of his passion of producing healthy products while giving back to society. Through his company, he has donated more than $2.3 billion for charitable efforts including giving the largest gift ever to Caltech as well as making significant investments in sustainability research and technology. Furthermore, he sits on both Bard College and Conservation International boards of trustees.

Achievement and Honors

Stewart Resnick and Lynda Resnick have amassed an extraordinary fortune thanks to nature’s bounty, becoming global tree nut magnates and generous philanthropists. Together they cofounded and own The Wonderful Company – one of America’s largest farming operations that produces healthful products such as Wonderful Pistachios; Wonderful Halos seedless oranges; Wonderful Almonds; POM Wonderful Pomegranate Juice; FIJI Water, JUSTIN Wines Landmark Wines as well as Teleflora products.

As well as their business success, the couple have devoted significant resources and time towards strategic philanthropy with an emphasis on education and environmental sustainability. Most recently, their gift to The Better Angels Society funded development of curriculum based on Ken Burns’ PBS series about Vietnam War that will reach thousands of schools that don’t normally cover this critical chapter of American history.

Personal Life

Stewart Resnick serves as Chairman and President of Wonderful Company (formerly Roll Global) located in Los Angeles. As such, he oversees finance, legal, real estate, strategy, human resources and business unit operations of this privately held Los Angeles-based organization that cultivates, harvests, processes, packages and markets premium healthy products like Wonderful Pistachios, Wonderful Halos, Wonderful Seedless Lemons as well as products such as FIJI Water, JUSTIN Wines Landmark Wines Teleflora Suterra Pest Control among others. Additionally, substantial funds are allocated into sustainability research & technology initiatives within these operations.

The Resnicks successfully combine business success and charitable commitment. Each year they invest $50 million in community development, health and wellness, educational initiatives that span both California’s Central Valley as well as Fiji. Their efforts are widely recognized among California’s ruling class as power couple philanthropists.

Net Worth

Stewart Allen Resnick and Lynda Resnick have become well-known for combining business success with their commitment to charitable works. The Wonderful Company, under their management, is an industry leader in agriculture and marketing; producing pistachios, pomegranates, citrus fruits and grapes under the POM Wonderful, Fiji Water and Teleflora brands for sale to retailers around the globe.

Couple owns industrial citrus and nut farms, floral wire service company, Roll Global holding company that acts as their personal investment vehicle for various ventures, as well as 57% ownership in Kern Water Bank – California’s largest underground reservoir.

POM Wonderful and Fiji Water are among many brands owned by this couple; others include wonderful seedless lemons, Halos mandarin oranges and almonds. Furthermore, they’re widely known for their charitable efforts within arts and education philanthropy.

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