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Happy Jack – Dock N Stow Gen 2

Dock N Stow Gen 2 can easily stabilize a variety of trailer tongue jacks with just a half turn of its magnetic handle, keeping your trailer secured.

Pallet jack certification training equips workers with skills that enable them to focus on the task at hand, prevent accidents that harm themselves or other employees and avoid costly fines that result from pallet jack accidents. It also assists businesses in avoiding fines that might arise as a result of these accidents.

Early Life and Education

At an early age, Jack desired to become an artist. With encouragement from his mother, he quickly developed skills in drawing pictures of women such as Rose from Titanic.

After graduating from Choate, he worked in his family grocery store as manager of 44 Falley Food 4 Less stores – eventually becoming friends with contemporary artists such as Zoltan Szabo and Stephen Quiller during this time.

These friendships enabled him to own his first paintings and cultivate an intense interest in supporting modern-day painters, giving rise to his dream of opening a gallery and school for them – one which still continues today; as evidenced by a vibrant collection displayed at both locations of Art Gallery & School of Art.

Professional Career

Jack successfully utilizes his audio engineering, video production and video conferencing expertise, combined with trial and case management software knowledge, to support remote testimonies, video recordings and photos as well as graphics and documents created in real time for use during litigation proceedings. He provides daily case reports as well as real time access to evidence; follows fiscal policies and procedures effectively (such as cash handling) while immediately reporting any financial irregularities; in addition he shows an exceptional understanding of Happy Jack’s training, expectations and values.

Achievement and Honors

Jack loved his family, pets, reciting limericks and giving hugs – making an impactful difference in each life he touched. We will all miss him dearly but know we will always love him. Rest in peace my friend; we always will love you.

He was an active member of the Systems Safety Society and registered professional safety engineer, and also volunteered on the Board of Directors of Los Alamos Laboratory as an officer.

Doug Kaufman, editor of Tomorrow’s Technician magazine, presented CTEC Automotive of North Kansas City Schools (a Jack Stow certified school), sponsored by WIX Filters and O’Reilly Auto Parts with the Auto Service Excellence School of the Year award in 2020. This accolade honors only the top technical training school nationwide.

Personal Life

He leaves behind two children, Rachel (Shawn) Nicholson and Paul Williams; sister Claudia Leacoma; brothers-in-law Greg Coast and John Coast with their wives Sandi and Margo as well as Linda Welsh as well as six grandchildren Angus Nicholson, Alex Nicholson, Jack & Gage Williams as well as Brittanie Aldridge Jordan Aldridge as well as Emillie and Nattalie Waddell as well as nephews & nieces cousins as well as numerous friends he leaves behind.

He was an esteemed husband, father, grandfather and friend to all. He took great pride in serving with the Navy Seals as both Platoon Commander and Troop Commander in Iraq and southern Philippines where he practiced counterinsurgency tactics. Additionally, he wrote three novels before starting work on his fourth one – truly an outstanding gentleman who will be greatly missed.

Net Worth

Jack LaLanne amassed an estimated net worth of $15 Million after selling fitness equipment, books, videos, supplements and his popular television show.

In 2004, he signed to De-angelis Productions and released two albums: Between the Minds and Harder Than Easy. Additionally, he recorded a duet with Shelly Poole as well as supporting Gavin DeGraw on a European tour.

His focus has since shifted into alcohol industry, becoming UK brand ambassador for Casimigos tequila in 2015. The role is estimated to bring him an estimated annual earnings of PS45,000. Jack also runs his own small wine business selling wine. In his free time he enjoys watching sports such as Newcastle United and London Irish RFC as well as golf and being season ticket holder at Harlequins.

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