Streetwear And Its Movement Into Luxury High Fashion

It’s not hard to see why streetwear has become a part of luxury high fashion. The influence of Hip-hop and Urban culture is evident in many of the most stylish brands on the market. Statista recently found that 67% of Gen Z respondents bought luxury items created in collaborations. Luxury brands are now incorporating streetwear into their collections in an effort to tap this market. The Louis Vuitton Supreme capsule line is an example of this type of collaboration. In the first half of 2017, this collaboration contributed to almost 23 billion dollars in revenue.

Urban Culture

Street culture has grown from a subculture to a major part the fashion industry in recent years. Designers have taken street style to the next level by using popular culture as inspiration for their collections. For example, one designer recently released a line of vintage band T-shirts featuring the faces of Tupac Shakur and Notorious B.I.G. While street style may still be relatively young, its influence on luxury high fashion is considerable.

Many luxury brands are using hip-hop music to accompany their runway shows. The Valentino Resort 2018 show featured a piano rendition of Travis Scott’s “Break Free” song. After-party medleys are being created by hip-hop artists and luxury brands are being partnered with rappers. Some designers are even creating entire collections influenced by hip-hop culture.


In the past decade, hip-hop has transcended its roots in hip-hop culture to reach the mainstream consciousness. Kendrick Lamar won a Grammy Award, Lin-Manuel Miranda rewrote Broadway history with Hamilton, and LVMH and Supreme collaborated on a collection in 2018. Hip-hop, which originated in African-American resistance culture, often speaks truth to power, often with anti-capitalist lyrics.

As part of this movement, luxury fashion brands have increasingly incorporated streetwear into their collections. This trend is often reflected in the accessories and color palettes used by hip-hop artists. For example, in the 1980s, hip-hop icons wore custom tracksuits and jackets, often featuring the logos of upscale fashion houses.


The culture of streetwear has been a huge influence on luxury brands. Luxury streetwear has been developed because of the collaborative spirit that permeates all aspects. With increased affordability and access to new consumers, this movement is growing in popularity and has become the new norm for luxury fashion. Demna Gvasalia was appointed artistic director at Balenciaga. This appointment, which was met with both acclaim as well as trepidation by the public, is evidence of how streetwear culture is deeply rooted in high fashion.

A new generation of consumers is emerging as streetwear culture has become mainstream fashion. They are driven by a desire for exclusivity. Luxury brands have found that limited editions and capsule collections are a key feature of streetwear, and they have been a valuable sales tool.

Celebrity Endorsements

Celebrities have helped streetwear to make its way into high fashion. Some of these endorsements are probably the result of paid sponsorships, while others are likely the result of wise marketing decisions by the brand. Here are some examples. The first is Maria Sharapova, a tennis superstar who was one of the highest-paid female athletes for eleven years. Sharapova endorsed products for Porsche, Nike and Evian. However, her endorsements had a negative impact on the brands and affected her reputation.

Since streetwear and athletic footwear are such an appealing market, many luxury brands are now seeking to partner with them. The streetwear and athletic footwear industry has a huge audience, and big brands want to put their newest releases in front of as many people as possible. In return, these partnerships enable the big streetwear and sneaker brands to sell their sneakers at higher prices.

Status Symbol

A recent collaboration between Louis Vuitton and streetwear brand Supreme has been an enormous success, bringing streetwear into the luxury high fashion world. The collaboration pushed sales of both companies’ respective products by over twenty per cent year on year. The collaboration saw the creation of red cross-body bags featuring the Supreme logo on their fronts, as well as monogram canvas and leather bags. This partnership helped streetwear become mainstream and increased their cool factor among millennials.

Streetwear is a status symbol and has become an increasingly important part the fashion industry. It is seen as a symbol of urban life and status, and even made it into the luxury high fashion world. This trend originated in the 1990s from skate, hip-hop, and surf cultures, and has since become an iconic form of fashion and subculture for entire generations. Streetwear is a dominant trend on the catwalks of both urban labels and high fashion brands. In addition, it has become a way for stars in the fashion industry to express themselves and express their culture.

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