Suicune Best Moveset

Best Moveset For Bench Warmer Pokemon – Suicune

Suicune is a benchwarmer and has a great moveset. Although it is a water-type, it has the ability to use Hydro Pump and Extrasensory. This moveset is best suited for this type of Pokemon. Its main goal is to stay healthy. Toxic is an excellent move to use on Suicune, as it can drain the opponent’s health.

This moveset provides a lot of energy, and makes it easy for Suicune to use charged attacks more often. It can also be used against Flying and Dragon-type Pokemon. Despite its low attack stat, it can do a lot of damage. This makes it a great choice for a Pokemon that has a low attack stat.

While the Suicune set has a wide range of potential moves, it is most useful for defensive purposes. Suicune’s bulk and HP are very advantageous for defending against multiple attacks. Ice Fang and Avalanche can be used to prevent multiple attacks by enemies and set up defenses.

Suicune is a bulky Water Pokemon with amazing defenses, making it an excellent tank. It is a good choice for teams that need to keep a large number of walling Pokemon knocked out. It should be placed within a range that it can trade damage with its opponent. It should always use Rest after it has taken a significant amount of damage.

Suicune is also a good choice for stalling. Its defensive set is primarily defensive. However, it also has a hidden ability that heals it up until 1/4 of its maximum hit points whenever it is struck by Water-type moves. This means that it can use Calm Mind and Ice Beam against Dragon-types and other opponents.

Suicune’s mono-Water typing made it a difficult choice. It struggled to distinguish himself from other Water-type Pokemon, until the September 2019 rebalance gave it moveset buffs that made Suicune a strong choice. This Pokemon also gets fast energy from Snarl or Bubble Beam which can also give your opponent ATK debuffs. While it is a bit slower than Smeargle and Breloom, it is still a thorn in your opponent’s side.

Suicune is a legendary Pokemon that was introduced in Gen 2. It was created by Ho-Oh after a series of events in Ecruteak City. One of these events was the lighting of the Burnt Tower. The fire was eventually put out by rain and wind, and Suicune was born.

Sandile is another ground-type Pokemon that evolved in Gen 5. It has a weak point in Bug, Fighting, Ice, and an average defense. It is best suited to Sunny weather and has the best moves for these conditions. Its two best moves are Bite and Crunch, which are rated at 7.85 DPS. In addition, Mud-Slap + Dig + Bulldoze are a great moveset for this Pokemon.

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