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Suzan Sabanci Dincer

Suzan Sabanci Dincer serves as chairperson and board member of Akbank, one of Turkey’s largest banks. Additionally, she sits on the Institute of International Finance board and its Developing Countries Advisory Board.

She holds both Luxembourg Honorary Consul and World Economic Forum Young Global Leader status since 2006. Additionally, she was one of the founding members and board members of Endeavor Turkey as well as being patron for Contemporary Istanbul.

Early Life and Education

Sabanci family member in her third-generation, she holds an undergraduate degree from Richmond College University in the UK and an MBA degree from Boston University in the US. Additionally, she has held several board positions including Chairman at Akbank, Managing Director at American Turkish Society and Endeavor Turkey founder/Member as well as being on their Advisory Board and patronage of Contemporary Istanbul.

She is passionately committed to social responsibility activities and has taken on various responsibilities in culture, education and entrepreneurship promotion. She serves as founding member and board member at Endeavor Turkey (leading high-impact entrepreneurship organization), trustee at Chatham House as well as honorary consul of Luxembourg in Turkey. Furthermore she serves on Sabanci University Board of Trustees as well as Akbank Sanat Advisory Board membership.

Professional Career

Not only is she an accomplished industrialist, she’s also a dedicated philanthropist and patron of Contemporary Istanbul. She holds both a BA in Finance & International Marketing from Richmond College (UK) and an MBA from Boston University (US).

She founded Akbank International Advisory Board and currently sits on Chatham House’s Panel of Senior Advisers. Additionally, she served two terms as Chairman of Turkish-British Business Council before being asked to become part of Global Relations Forum at TUSIAD from 2009 until 2014.

She has participated in various corporate governance and mentoring programs such as Harvard Business School’s Global Leaders’ Community and Institute of International Finance’s Emerging Markets Advisory Board. Additionally, she serves on Sabanci Holding’s Board of Directors and as trustee for its foundation.

Achievement and Honors

Financial Times described Suzan Sabanci as possibly Turkey’s most powerful businesswoman and Newsweek recognized her as one of its “top tycoons”, respectively. Additionally, she serves on the Board of Endeavor – an international nonprofit development organization which seeks and helps high-impact entrepreneurs in emerging markets – as well as being Chairman/MD of Akbank TAS as well as being on its Board. Furthermore, she serves on The American Turkish Society Board.

Prior to joining Harvard, she served two terms as Chairperson of the Turkish-British Business Council and Chatham House’s Chairman’s Circle. Queen Elizabeth II awarded her with the title Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (CBE) for her contribution in strengthening Turkish-UK ties. Furthermore, she sits on both Boards at Institute of International Finance and Harvard’s Global Developing Countries Initiative Advisory Boards.

Personal Life

Suzan brings over 15 years of experience to Travis CI as an operator, most recently serving as its COO. Her background lies in social psychology, sociology and organizational development; and she holds certification from the Co-Active Training Institute in leadership and executive coaching. Suzan is often featured as a speaker at conferences like RubyConf, LeadDev, Rocky Mountain Ruby KalamazooX EnterJS among many others.

She serves on the House Ways and Means Committee, which is at the forefront of creating equitable tax reform, health care reform, trade agreements and retirement security for working families. Additionally, she belongs to Pro-Choice Caucus and Women’s High Tech Coalition groups as well as being patron of Prince’s Trust International–an esteemed charity organization founded by Prince Charles III with an aim of supporting young people – that she serves on as patron.

Net Worth

With an estimated net worth estimated at $30 billion, the Sabanci family are among Turkey’s wealthiest. Their business conglomerate, Sabanci Holding, comprises over 200 companies ranging from textiles and airlines to banking and real estate.

Suzan Sabanci Dincer serves as Chairperson and Executive Board Member of Akbank, one of the country’s oldest banks and established in 1948. Under her guidance, Akbank became the first deposit bank in Turkey to publish an approved Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Sustainability Report.

She serves on both the Institute of International Finance’s Emerging Markets Advisory Board and Harvard University’s Global Advisory Council and Global Leaders Community, among others. Additionally, she was one of the earliest adopters of Malta’s citizenship program that requires applicants to demonstrate genuine ties by making donations – another way in which she distinguishes herself as an early adopter.

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