Suzanne Lucas

Suzanne Lucas – The Evil HR Lady

Suzanne Lucas is better known as The Evil HR Lady; having spent over 10 years as the HR professional responsible for hiring and firing employees at corporations worldwide, Suzanne now writes and speaks on all things related to HR.

Suzanne and Ruffus bring an exciting, fresh take to classic jazz standards. Their musical expertise will touch and move you.

Early Life and Education

Suzanne Lucas was an RGN with extensive expertise in diabetes education. She had both regional and national experience developing structured patient education programs as part of PITstop Training initiatives.

She was an integral member of Columbus Academy’s community for decades, serving on its Women’s Board and chairing its Development Committee – she passionately championed its mission.

Suzanne Lucas is an HR and COVID-19 safety expert who will discuss how to adapt your vaccination policies in light of new research findings, the rapid spread of Delta variant influenza, and current case rates. She will outline legal ramifications, best practices and expected business impacts of any changes you might need to make. Suzanne will share personal experiences in handling difficult conversations such as giving bad news. She’ll offer strategies on preparing for these difficult encounters, emphasizing empathy’s importance while discussing why keeping messages clear are so essential.

Professional Career

Suzanne Lucas is an esteemed writer in the HR industry. Known for her innovative ideas and always placing people first in her work, Suzanne Lucas enjoys an extensive following and is frequently invited as a keynote speaker.

Wealth Strategist Partners, where she serves as co-founder, was her hub. There, she works closely with business-owning families on matters of governance, strategy and organizational sustainability as well as leading business operations for the firm.

Suzanne advises companies to closely examine their salary practices and see how they stack up against those of similar organizations. According to Suzanne, many firms end up paying significantly different wages even for performing the same task, which could prove troublesome without good cause.

Achievement and Honors

Suzanne Lucas spent 10 years working in corporate HR, where she recruited, terminated, managed the numbers, and double-checked with lawyers. Now she advises both people and companies on how to create effective Human Resources departments; additionally she shares her advice through prominent media such as CBS News and Inc Magazine.

Suzanne is a clinical nurse specialist located at 233 Ayer Rd Shaker Pl Suite 2, Harvard, Massachusetts 01451. She accepts Medicare insurance.

Jazzy Hot Boyz are an engaging duo that mesmerize audiences with their incredible musical abilities. Berklee graduate Ruffus’ masterful playing on piano, saxophone, melodica and flute add depth and dimension to every note while the combination captivates audiences through spellbinding phrasing and soulful interpretation of both original music as well as classics with an energy that’s absolutely indescribable.

Personal Life

Suzanne Lucas is an HR expert with over 10 years of experience working in corporate environments. As part of her responsibilities she hires and fires employees as needed while keeping numbers accurate while consulting on legal matters as necessary. Since leaving corporate life Suzanne works freelance consulting companies regarding their HR departments.

She performs with The Hot Boyz; Berklee graduate Ruffus plays piano, saxophone, melodica, and flute; James Vernardo was raised playing music in church choirs providing rhythm that elevates Suzanne’s songs – creating magical performances together!

Suzanne Lucas has three siblings – Edith M Lucas, Donald Arthur Lucas and Carlton F Lucas. She currently resides in New York, United States where you can create a free family tree for her. Suzanne Lucas has also been affiliated with The Columbus Academy.

Net Worth

Suzanne Somers reportedly has an estimated net worth of $100 Million dollars, amassing wealth through numerous successful businesses and products she owns, numerous self-help books she’s written, as well as ThighMaster infomercials which have grossed more than $300 Million over time.

She holds an opinionated approach to HR matters and her writings are regularly used in HR certification and management training courses. For 10 years in corporate HR she hired and fired employees as well as analyzed numbers. Today she writes regularly for several popular HR blogs as co-founder of Carnival of HR.

She is married to Alan Hamel and they share two children together. In January they listed their sprawling Palm Springs property for $8.5 million with a casita and 190 feet of ocean frontage – this listing came with an asking price of $8,500,000!

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