Tgi Fridays Tortilla Soup

TGI Fridays Tortilla Soup

TGI Fridays Tortilla Soup is a cinch to make. This tastiness boasts 8 grams of fat and 225 grams of carbohydrates in the form of tortillas and cheese. The soup is a tasty, albeit filling, bowl of Mexican fare. It is best served with a hefty sprinkling of shredded cheddar and jalapeos. Besides being delicious, the soup also comes in a convenient sized, takeout container. Moreover, the restaurant also offers a streamlined menu, a rarity for a fast food chain.

The soup’s starchiest component is the tomatillo, which has been dubbed the’mimosa of the south’ by some. As for the rest of the menu, the TGI Fridays Restaurant has a solid selection of Tex-Mex staples. From its namesake chicken to the restaurant’s signature burritos, the TGI Fridays menu offers a variety of options to please a range of appetites. On a typical visit, the restaurant is abuzz with customers ordering up the aforementioned tostado, and a bevy of other delights. In short, a TGI Fridays visit is always a treat, whether you’re a regular or a first timer.

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