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Thalia Mottola and Her Millionaire Husband Tommy Mottola Are Not Divorcing

Reportedly, Thalia and Tommy are in the midst of divorcing due to ongoing problems between them; Thalia apparently having issues with her multimillionaire spouse.

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Early Life and Education

After years of speculation and reports that Thalia and Tommy Mottola would soon divorce, it now appears they won’t. After 22 years together and two children together, the couple have no intention of parting ways anytime soon. On Monday night’s El Gordo y la Flaca show hosted by Univision host Javier Garza addressed these rumors directly in order to clarify any confusion around her marriage status.

Yolanda Miranda Mange (RIP), Thalia’s mother, made it clear that Thalia and Tommy would never sleep together and that only Lili Estefan enters into their inner circle.

The couple were known for their passion for education, encouraging both of their sons to attend college. Both had varied educational backgrounds that included degrees in Art History and Psychology; additionally they held extensive training in behavioral therapy (directive, nondirective cognitive behavioral, developmentally sensitive as well as sand tray therapies).

Professional Career

Thalia has established herself as one of the most acclaimed Latin American female entertainers with her seductive looks and impressive career achievements. Beginning as a gymnast, joining an influential teen pop group and appearing in several Mexican soap operas before finally placing 13 albums on Billboard Latin Albums chart is nothing short of astounding!

Recently, the program ‘Gossip No Like’ reported that Tommy Mottola and Thalia have separated, with some speculation suggesting he may have cheated with Peruvian singer Leslie Shaw.

According to reports, it appears as if the couple have made up their minds to divorce but do not wish for it to become public for financial reasons. Furthermore, according to the show they no longer sleep together as confirmed by former employee of this couple and since their wedding.

Achievement and Honors

Thalia has received several accolades throughout her career, such as seven Latin Grammy nominations. Additionally, she won both a Quiero Award and Billboard Latin Music Award.

On Latin Music Queens, singer-actress Mariachi Garcia discussed what it’s like being a woman in the music industry and discussed her relationship with Tommy Mottola, co-owner of Casablanca Records and businessman.

Thalia and Mottola have been married since 2000 and share two children. Their beautiful love story began with blind dates, handwritten love letters, and ultimately an incredible wedding at St. Patrick’s Cathedral in NYC – becoming one of the most stable celebrity couples ever seen!

Personal Life

Thalia and her 22-year age gap husband have always prioritized family. Since 2000, the couple have shared two children. Additionally, both parties have supported one another’s careers and personal development.

Thalia opened up about her marital struggles, work/home separation, and never sleeping with Tommy on a recent episode of Latin Music Queens on Facebook Watch.

Gossip No Like recently reported that a former employee of celebrity couple Kenia Os and Kristen Bell has confirmed to Gossip No Like that they do not sleep together as husband and wife. Additionally, some supposed signs have been left on social media by them such as a picture depicting them lighting candles “for love”, and Kenia Os’ song entitled “Para No Verte Mas”, interpreted as being about their marriage.

Net Worth

Thalia is one of the world’s best-known and successful Latinas, selling over 40 million albums worldwide and drawing two billion viewers to her telenovelas.

Thalia is also an accomplished businesswoman, owning her own label called Adria by Thalia. Additionally, she boasts her own line of hair products as well as being known for being a fashion icon.

The star and her husband have two children together and have been married since 2000. Together they support one another’s careers and personal development while cherishing time spent with their children. Together they remain an incredible power couple that defy age and time with their love – an inspiration to many other couples around them.

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