The Best Gorilla Joke Of 1897

The Best Gorilla Joke of 1897

The Best Gorilla Joke of 1897 is a humorous story about an escaped zoo gorilla. A zookeeper attempts to contact the escaped gorilla, but they refuse to do so because they don’t know of it. The escaped gorilla then attacks the zookeeper. This joke has been around since 1897, but its origin is unknown. However, it is believed to be based on true events.

After @thatsbelievable, a Tumblr account posted a collection of Victorian-aesthetic humors with a modern twist, the joke was discovered. The post was shared on Twitter in 2021, but many people who aren’t used to the Tumblr vibes immediately assumed that the post was actually from 1897. Others clarified that the tweet was actually dated from the same year as the original post. However, this caused offended many users.

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