Thom Hartmann Net Worth

Thom Hartmann net worth is an American radio and television host, author, former psychotherapist, and progressive political commentator. He hosts The Thom Hartmann Program radio show as well as nightly television show called The Big Picture.

He is also an entrepreneur, having established the Woodley Herber Company in the early 1970s to sell herbal products and potpourris. A recipient of Project Censored awards, he has written several books covering politics and spirituality.

Early Life and Education

Thom Hartmann was born on 7 May 1951 in Grand Rapids, Michigan, United States. He is an American radio and television personality, podcaster, businessman, former psychotherapist, progressive political commentator and host of The Hartmann Report podcast as well as having his own nationally syndicated radio show; additionally between 2010 and 2017 he hosted a nightly TV program called Nightly Report on TBS.

He grew up in a family with Norwegian, Welsh and English ancestry and soon showed interest in politics as a youngster – campaigning for Barry Goldwater during the 1964 presidential election campaign was one of his many political endeavors. Though considered an outstanding student by most academic standards – he was expelled during 10th grade despite outstanding grades.

At Lansing Community College he studied electrical engineering before transferring to Michigan State University to study it further. Later he established several businesses which later on yielded immense wealth for him to sell on. Happily married with Louise they have three children.

Professional Career

Thom Hartmann is an American Radio Host and Author best known for his progressive political views and economic analysis. Since 2003 he has hosted his nationally syndicated radio program The Thom Hartmann Program; between 2010 and 2017 he hosted The Big Picture nightly television program on PBS as well as hosting weekly television show on Fox News Channel (The Thom Hartmann Program and The Big Picture respectively).

Hartmann is one of America’s premier progressive talk radio hosts and has won multiple awards, such as a Project Censored Award for his environmental efforts and a New York Times best-selling book called The Prophet’s Way, which garnered him an invite to meet Dalai Lama himself.

Leonardo DiCaprio featured him in his 2007 environmental documentary film called The 11th Hour. DiCaprio recorded and narrated it himself.

Achievement and Honors

Thom Hartmann has published over twenty books covering a range of subjects. One, entitled The Last Hours of Ancient Sunlight, received critical acclaim and earned him an invitation by His Holiness the Dalai Lama to spend a week in Dharamsala.

Personal information about Robert Hartmann includes his marriage to Louise Hartmann and their three children together. Additionally, Robert has successfully built and sold various businesses that have amassed him a considerable wealth.

As well as setting up schools to help children suffering from ADHD, he is known for being a prolific writer and commentator on political issues as well as having an impressive understanding of social sciences and philosophy. Talkers Magazine currently ranks him 10th most popular talk show host in America.

Personal Life

Thom Hartmann is an iconic American radio host. As a progressive media figure and host of The Thom Hartmann Program and television’s The Big Picture, he has gained great notoriety as an influential media figure and New York Times best-selling author of critically-acclaimed books.

He was born May 7, 1951 in Grand Rapids, Michigan to Republican parents and became actively engaged with politics at an early age; campaigning for Barry Goldwater during the 1964 presidential election when only 13 years old.

Louise and he have three children together. Together they support progressive causes such as separation of church and state and special schools for those suffering with ADHD.

Net Worth

Thom Hartmann is an esteemed radio host who has amassed great fame, wealth and success throughout his career. He built multiple businesses which he sold off later, amassing an immense fortune that allows him to enjoy lavish living alongside Louise and their three children.

Thom Hartmann is an iconic progressive media figure best known for hosting radio’s Thom Hartmann Program and television’s The Big Picture. Additionally, he is well-regarded for writing critically-acclaimed books like “The Last Hours of Ancient Sunlight”. Additionally, he was actively engaged with campaign work beginning as early as 1964’s Goldwater campaign as a teenager.

He is a United States citizen. Together with his wife, they own and reside in Oregon with three children. Additionally, The Hartmann Report podcast hosted on Apple Podcasts releases new episodes daily.

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