Thomas Bennerotte

Thomas Bennerotte is a Top-Rated Personal Injury Lawyer

Tom Bennerotte is a highly acclaimed personal injury attorney in Minnesota specializing in medical negligence cases. As the founder and owner of Bennerotte & Associates PA, he has helped thousands of injured clients recover from car accidents or medical negligence claims.

Brooks admitted to assaulting Bennerotte but denied she had refused sexual relations with him and denied he assaulted her while her 13-year-old son was present in her bedroom.

Early Life and Education

Thomas Bennerotte hails from southern Minnesota, where he attended University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire for undergraduate studies, earning a Bachelor of Business Administration with Honors. Subsequently, he studied law at William Mitchell College of Law – graduating Cum Laude. At William Mitchell he worked full time as a clerk while in law school.

After graduating law school, Tom launched his own firm. Since then he has provided assistance to thousands of Minnesota residents for medical malpractice and car accident claims. Most new cases come via referral from other lawyers, doctors, friends or past clients which speaks volumes for his reputation within the legal community. Tom is a member of both Million Dollar Advocates Forum and National Trial Lawyers Top 100 – testaments to his excellence as a legal professional.

Professional Career

Thomas Bennerotte is the owner and founder of a Minnesota personal injury law firm that specializes in cases involving injuries caused by medical negligence, car accidents and workplace incidents.

His clients receive compensation for lost wages, home care services and funeral costs as well as helping them regain their health through therapy and medication.

He graduated with honors from the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire in 1991 and received his law degree at William Mitchell College of Law with a Cum Laude degree in 2000. Before founding his own firm, he held positions such as clerkship and associate attorney.

Ramsay, DeVore & Bennerotte is recognized as an employer of choice in Minneapolis. Attorneys and staff enjoy career growth opportunities through continuing education programs, mentorship programs and other resources available at Ramsay DeVore & Bennerotte PA.

Achievement and Honors

Tom Bennerotte is the proprietor of Bennerotte & Associates, P.A, a personal injury law firm in Minnesota. He earned both his undergraduate and law degrees at William Mitchell College of Law – graduating with honors while serving as full-time law clerk during law school career. Tom is a member of Minnesota Association for Justice and American Trial Lawyers Association as well as having served on boards such as City of Edina Chamber of Commerce and 50th & France Business & Professional Association boards of directors.

Maggie Schmaltz ’22 and Delaney Rossow ’22 provided moving speeches during commencement ceremonies on May 21. Schmaltz, who plans to attend medical school at Santa Clara University, encouraged graduates to embrace life’s challenges while finding meaning from them.

Personal Life

Thomas Bennerotte is a personal injury attorney specializing in car accidents. Before opening his own law firm in Minnesota, Thomas worked at Robins, Kaplan, Miller & Ciresi as both an associate attorney and clerk.

Brooks filed objections during trial against six pieces of evidence on grounds that they constituted hearsay: statements by Rick Nierman and John Melton to deputies, transcripts of “911” calls made by Bennerotte and Cathy Niemeyer to 9-1-1 operators, an affidavit completed by Bennerotte to obtain an OFP, and Lisa Ableitner’s testimony. However, the district court overruled these objections.

The court deviated from Brooks’ presumed sentence on the grounds that he assaulted a vulnerable victim while also engaging in prior violent conduct against others and having prior violent behavior against other individuals. Under Minnesota’s sentencing guidelines, vulnerability is considered as an aggravating factor that increases maximum penalty for assaultive behavior.

Net Worth

Tom Bennerotte has been practicing law since 1991 and has garnered many acclaim and endorsements from colleagues in the legal community. Additionally, he holds multiple awards and recognition for his high standard of professionalism including membership into America’s Top 100 Trial Lawyers as well as receiving the Avvo Client’s Choice Award.

He possesses extensive experience in personal injury law, having previously served as an insurance adjuster and gained insight into how insurance providers reduce or deny claims. Utilizing his insights gleaned as an adjuster, he has secured millions of dollars in settlements and verdicts on behalf of plaintiff clients.

He is married to Kelley A Bennerotte and together they have lived in various locations. Their current residence can be found at 10090 Adam Avenue in Inver Grove Heights MN 55077 within Dakota county; he moved here approximately seven years ago in September 2016.

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