Thomas Casselman

Thomas Casselman has been charged with eight counts, which include assaulting, resisting or impeding officers and civil disorder as well as entering and remaining in restricted buildings or grounds with dangerous weapons. He was identified via geolocation data, tipsters and the prominent wart on his left hand.

Thomas Casselman is an artist and designer from Portsmouth, Rhode Island who has been creating political cartoons to depict the pandemic shutdown.

Early Life and Education

Casselman created graphics and ran a kite store at Bannister’s Wharf during his stay. Additionally, he collaborated with a Japanese team to establish the annual Black Ships Festival, celebrating foreign steam ships which once visited Newport Harbor.

Casselman was charged with assaulting, resisting or impeding officers as well as entering restricted buildings or grounds with dangerous weapons, according to body-worn camera footage and open source videos showing his use of an orange colored chemical spray believed to be bear spray. Lora Blanchard will represent Casselman. Meanwhile his wife Isabella, an instructor of DeBlois Gallery who will display water-based mixed media pieces while their daughter Julie will display paintings depicting life forms that inhabit the Earth.

Professional Career

Tom Casselman has been designing and creating art for over 50 years. Recently he designed cartoons depicting President Trump’s response to the shutdown crisis as well as how it affected American workers.

Upper Peninsula resident Michael Duffus is also an avid kite flyer. With his wife he travels to Japan and China kite festivals. Additionally, Duffus helped organize a Newport kite festival.

Authorities claim they identified Casselman through tipsters, geolocation data and social media posts before and after the Jan. 6, 2021 Capitol Riot. Photos released publicly through FBI field offices in Columbia South Carolina and Washington D.C. identified Casselman as being involved with civil disorder on Capitol grounds as well as charges of assaulting, resisting or impeding officers as well as violence within a Capitol building. Casselman faces multiple felony charges related to this riot including assaulting, resisting or impeding officers as well as crimes of violence within a Capitol building – charges he faces as well.

Achievement and Honors

In 2021, he was honored to receive one of the most coveted journalism awards – The Gerald Loeb Award – honoring those who report on business and finance topics in journalism. It is widely considered one of the highest accolades given out for business journalism in America.

Casselman has also made notable contributions to science. His computational studies on HgCdTe materials and devices provided essential contributions in computational solid state physics. Along with William E. Spicer, he co-founded the US Workshop on the Physics and Chemistry of II-VI Materials.

Additionally, he has contributed significantly to the Boy Scouts of America through serving as a leader in his local area and purchasing Eagle Award kits for Upper Peninsula youth. For his efforts he received the North Star Award as national recognition for supporting Scouting youth.

Personal Life

Tom Casselman and his wife Rhonda have two children. Together they own and operate an Upper Peninsula law firm which specializes in criminal and domestic cases. Additionally, Tom regularly lectures police officers and attorneys on proper legal procedures.

Casselman was identified using body-worn cameras from Washington, DC Metropolitan police and open-source video footage from the January 6 riot in DC. He now faces numerous charges of assaulting or resisting officers as well as civil disorder.

He has long been an active supporter of the Boy Scouts, volunteering both his time and resources. He earned an Eagle Scout sash himself while his son also joined that ranks. Recently, he published “I Talk, You Walk” which highlights the important role lawyers play in providing clients with fair trials.

Net Worth

Thomas Casselman is a millionaire who also devotes much of his time and resources to volunteering. He has contributed significantly to Boy Scouts of America, receiving national recognition for his support. Thomas donated money towards Eagle Award kits for upper peninsula Eagle Scouts.

According to the complaint, Casselman was seen by body cameras and open source video footage throwing what is believed to be bear spray at law enforcement officers during the Jan. 6 riots. Assaulting or resisting officers; civil disorder; entering restricted buildings/grounds with dangerous weapons (invasion); unlawful possession of firearm on Capitol grounds/buildings – all felonies–are charges Casselman faces.

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