Thomas Charuhas

Thomas Charuhas, an Architect by Day, is a Supply Chain Manager by Night

Thomas’ research caught the eye of a business accelerator, and she applied and was accepted into its program – giving her company an advantage in its development as well as access to potential investors.

Head-up displays have helped her make the switch from business to personal grocery shopping, and it holds great promise for her future if more people use them.

Early Life and Education

Thomas Charuhas graduated from Berkeley and took an entry-level architectural job, making a few dollars an hour. However, he knew there was more he wanted to achieve so he began researching business operations.

Georgie Maria Linthicum passed away unexpectedly on July 20, 2020. Born December 6, 1941 to Thomas and Isabelle McDonald Charuhas of Washington D.C, Georgie grew up in Silver Spring Maryland before working at Montgomery County Public Schools as a guidance office employee for 40 years before passing away at home in Silver Spring Maryland on July 20, 2020.

She was a loving wife and mother to her three sons – Michael, Christopher, and Robert – as well as leaving behind many nieces and nephews.

Professional Career

Thomas has also made her mark in supply chain management. Oculogx, her company’s wearable augmented reality system for order picking warehouses and other logistics applications is currently the global market leader.

Starting off strong in competitions – including winning Atlanta Startup Battle 2017 – helped raise her profile and advance her research. By late 2018, however, she hit a “make-it or break-it” moment; either continuing down an academic route with PhD studies, or moving forward with Oculogx as planned.

Oculogx eventually made the choice that she believes will bring global dominance. They shifted away from warehouse storage and began offering personal grocery delivery service instead.

Personal Life

Thomas has an infectious passion and drive for her work that bode well for its future success. Not only is she willing to take risks necessary to advance her ideas, but she’s also prepared for the long haul of making heads-up displays more widely accepted – no small task!

She is a widowed mother to three children whom she shares her home in Silver Spring, Maryland with. Additionally, she is the proud grandmother to four grandchildren as well as having one sister and several nieces and nephews who all reside close by.

Public records reveal that Thomas has lived at 2803 Arizona Ter NW in Washington DC 20016 for around six months under the alias J Charuhas and married to Melody A Henderson.

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