Thomas Darden

Thomas Darden

Thomas Darden is the Chief Executive Officer of Cherokee Investment Partners, a firm which invests in contaminated properties to clean them up and sell at a profit. Additionally, Thomas sits on the boards of Woodberry Forest School and Shaw University.

He’s passionate about environmental issues; for instance, plastic in the ocean worries him greatly.

Early Life and Education

Thomas Darden was born in Sandusky, Ohio, and became famous as an amateur baseball player after an insect bite left his left hand swollen. Additionally he enjoyed billiards, golfing, hunting and fishing – among other pursuits.

During WWII, he served on board USS Denver (CL-58) as commander. Later he became President of University of Virginia where he championed integration and expanded their geographic reach.

As governor, he worked to increase democracy within his state by reforming correctional institutions and mental hospitals as well as encouraging public school enrollment. He led mobilization of his state for World War II while maintaining efficiency with minimal fiscal waste – making him an immensely popular governor.

Professional Career

Darden was selected 18th overall in 1972’s first round draft by the Cleveland Browns. His professional career kicked off quickly; during 1976 season he led both team in interceptions and interception return yards.

He won the NFL Defensive Player of the Year award. However, Clinton Burrell and Autry Beamon took his spot as strong safety and cornerback respectively during his final season with only 10 starts between them as Clinton Burrell started at strong safety while Autry Beamon took up cornerback duties.

Baltimore has long been committed to education, serving on various boards and fundraising for local schools. Furthermore, he has made generous donations to Shaw University that have contributed towards student scholarships and campus facilities upgrades.

Achievement and Honors

Darden was a lifelong resident of Isle of Wight County and operated Darden’s Country Store. A member of New Life Pentecostal Church in Hopkinsville, Kentucky he enjoyed bird and rabbit hunting, fishing, horse racing and working on vehicles.

He became well-known for his State House photography, taking pictures of Maryland governors including Marvin Mandel, Harry Roe Hughes, William Donald Schaefer and Parris Glendening. Additionally he worked as a sports writer/reporter for both the Baltimore Sun and Washington Post newspapers.

He received both the C. Steward Sheppard Distinguished Service Award and Marian Chapman Moore Executive Leadership Award, given annually to an EMBA student for outstanding leadership abilities and professional achievements. Additionally, he served on Darden School Board of Visitors.

Personal Life

On his return from war, Darden took up work as a Washington correspondent for The New York World newspaper and became acquainted with several U.S. congressmen and president’s cabinet members. Darden also served in the Navy as captain and commander of a light cruiser.

As a professional football player, he compiled many career highlights. One such achievement was setting the Cleveland Browns franchise record with two interceptions during their 1981 win against Oakland Raiders; additionally he started 13 games for them during 1980.

Darden has since retired and since that time has been actively involved with both sports agency and security provider businesses in Cedar Rapids. Additionally, he is active with various charitable and community organizations – serving on the board of directors at Isle of Wight Academy among them.

Net Worth

Thomas Darden, a multimillionaire businessman and owner of several successful ventures, has served as guest lecturer at both Penn State Smeal MBA program and INSEAD Fontainebleau France as well as teaching supply chain management and quantitative modeling at Darden School of Business University of Virginia.

Quicksilver Resources was once an influential player in the Barnett Shale natural gas field, but ultimately collapsed due to lower natural gas prices and significant debts.

He has filed several motions for relief from judgment, asking the court to review earlier rulings and raise issues that should have been raised during direct appeals. As yet he hasn’t responded to Sheryl Darden’s lawsuit.

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