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Thomas Doors and Soledad O’Brien Honored at ThreeSixty Journalism Awards

Thomas Doors are experts in all things commercial door & hardware, offering garage doors, all types of residential & commercial doors as well as repair & installation services.

Thomas enters a courtyard where crops and animals surround a large building surrounded by stone walls with openings in them, where shrieking can be heard coming from an adjacent wood building surrounded by Grievers’ poison. According to Alby, those screaming can be identified as having been stung by Grievers and heard screaming coming from it.

Achievement and Honors

At the 2023 ThreeSixty Journalism Homecoming and Annual Fundraising Gala, Soledad O’Brien was honored with the Opening Doors Honor, honoring leaders who “promote opportunities and successes among underrepresented voices in media, business, or community”. Meanwhile, Ruben Rosario from WCCO Radio received the closing the Door on Discrimination Award.

Jill Herlache received the Philanthropist of the Year award for her volunteer efforts across several local groups, such as serving on Sturgeon Bay Common Council and Door County Board of Supervisors; chairing Sunshine House Building Fund Drive and Door Community Auditorium Board; as well as longstanding service to Rotary District 61.

The Thomas Collection draws its inspiration from 17th and 18th-century French design, offering thoughtful pieces with a simple form yet exquisite functionality.

Personal Life

Thomas and her wife run a ministry called God’s House where they open up their home and hearts to European young people in need of housing and spiritual guidance. Additionally, the pair created the Sidewalk Angels charity in order to assist both people and animals who may require help.

After Jim Morrison’s death, interest in The Doors surged dramatically throughout the ’80s due to archival releases such as An American Prayer (1979). Film Apocalypse Now also introduced its music to wider audiences.

L.A. Woman was the Doors’ harder and more refined LP from early 1971 that didn’t generate any hits but revitalized their artistic output. Following Donald Trump’s 2020 election loss, they reached out to former Chief of Staff Mark Meadows via text messaging advocating for an examination of electoral processes.

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