Thomas Dorsett

Thomas Dorsett Is Currently in Prison For Murder and Arson For Hire

Thomas Dorsett is currently serving a 45-year prison sentence for murder, conspiracy to disturb human remains and arson for hire. Both he and Kathleen confessed to killing Moore and disposing of his body with fire.

On Aug. 16, 2010, Kathleen sent Moore to their Ocean Township backyard where her father was waiting. Together they transported his body in a car before hiring someone else to burn it, according to Lemieux.

Early Life and Education

Thomas Dorsett loved reading and camping. He also appreciated traveling and spending time with his family. Thomas Dorsett leaves behind his wife Susan; children Joseph E. Martin from Albany, Thomas R. Dorsett Jr from Ticonderoga and Stacy S Hulbert of Keene as well as 11 grandchildren.

Dorsett earned Pro Football Hall of Fame status by rushing for 16,726 yards over 12 seasons with the NFL, surpassing Walter Payton’s previous record. Following that, he became a proponent for concussion safety and joined a class-action lawsuit against them alleging chronic traumatic encephalopathy symptoms; an appeals court rejected his argument of ineffective legal assistance when negotiating his plea deal leading to his conviction; his wife Kathleen and daughter Lesley were later charged with conspiring to murder Moore and were sentenced accordingly.

Professional Career

After an outstanding college football career at the University of Pittsburgh, Dorsett was selected by Dallas Cowboys second overall and became one of the greatest rushers in NFL history with over 16,000 yards and 90 touchdowns during his 12-year career.

Dorsett has not only distinguished himself on the football field but has also ventured into business ventures outside football. Currently he serves as president of Dorsett Controls based out of Yadkinville in North Carolina that produces test and measurement equipment.

He has also appeared on Family Feud and was featured in a music video by artist X-CON. In 2010, both Lesley and her husband Gary were charged with money laundering relating to an unlawful deposit of funds into five banks.

Achievement and Honors

Dorsett earned numerous honors during his time with the Cowboys. He earned four Pro Bowl selections and was the NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year; additionally, he received one Super Bowl ring as one of its most accomplished players ever seen on an NFL field.

He has served on various boards and committees, such as South Plains College’s Advisory Board and Lubbock Chamber of Commerce’s Ag & Natural Resources Committee, receiving their respective Distinguished Alumnus Awards in 2021.

Phillip Howard Dorsett, an NFL wide receiver for the Las Vegas Raiders. Throughout his career he has earned many honors and achievements – even winning himself a Pro Bowl ring!

Personal Life

Kathleen Dorsett was a former schoolteacher whose father owned an air conditioning and refrigeration business. They shared custody and visitation rights of their daughter; these issues often caused conflict between the pair. After marrying each other in 2007, however, they separated two years later.

Moore had only overnight visitation rights after their divorce was final, which angered her so much that she enlisted Lesley as her go-to person to hire a hitman and kill Evlyn, Moore’s mother.

On August 16, 2010, Moore dropped their daughter at their house, and Kathleen lured him inside by telling him she needed him to retrieve tools in the basement. According to prosecutors, Kathleen then used a metal crowbar-type object and rope to kill Moore before strangling him with it.

Net Worth

Dorsett amassed his considerable net worth as the result of a long and distinguished NFL career, along with impressive salaries and endorsement deals that brought in extra income for him.

Dateline recently conducted an in-depth profile on Thomas Dorsett and Lesley Dorsett, the two individuals charged with murdering Stephen Moore. Both have since pled guilty to this crime and are now serving prison sentences. What can we learn about their family lives and where they are now? Read on!

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